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Rwanda : mass disappearances and insidious target killings : early warning signs of a predictable tragedy

La Tribune Franco-Rwandaise

Killings and disappearances incognito_jm28082014 (1).pdf

By: Jean Musafiri, MPH, MA

Article edited on: 28.08.2014

Dear Everyone,

I sadly express to everyone my biggest concern in regard to the mass disappearances and target killings which are tragically threatening all my Rwandan compatriots nowadays!!! Enough is enough as goes the English saying!!! In Rwanda today, thousands and thousands people including 30,000 prisoners in jails and 16,000 ordinary people in Ngororero district (Northern region) are reported to be massively disappeared incognito without any official explanation neither objective investigations concerning this mysterious disappearance, amidst the total indifference of the RPF government. For further clarification, those dire tragic events still undergoing are chronologically documented as follows:

 On 2June 2014: the ministry of local government informed in an official declaration the disappearance of 16,000persons from Ngororero district / Northern region.

 While on 30July 2014: the security prison office declared that 30,000 prisoners are reported to be disappeared incognito. What is the fate of all those dozen thousands disappeared persons (46,000 officially recorded in total). The figure number of disappeared people could be probably more than 46,000 officially recognized. What is the updated official follow-up of those sacrificed people disappeared incognito without any urgent serious investigation for this biggest political concern? Undoubtedly, the lack of political will from RPF regime to disclose the truth and to stop definitively those mysterious mass-disappearances and target killings remains the big threat of lasting peace and stability.

 Besides that, as the last component of the very sad lugubrious portray, BBC news dated on 27.08.14 announced the alarming news about “40Rwandan bodies” in Lake Rweru (located between Rwanda and Burundi borders) which are under ongoing investigation by Burundi government. For further information, see followed websites: www.bc.com/news/world/africa: article dated on 27.08.2014: “Burundi investigates “Rwandan bodies” in Lake Rweru”;

www.hirondellenews.com/ictr-rwanda: article dated on 30.07.2014: “Rwanda genocide -

30,000 genocide convicts disappeared”. At last, www.france-rwanda.info : article in French dated on 27.08.2014: “Rwanda: La découverte de 40cadavres dans le lac Rweru suscite une immense émotion”.

In conclusion: Rwandan fate is under the highest risk of a tragic RPF regime collapse, based on reliable facts, namely: fires targeting mostly the biggest prisons in the country (e.g: Gitarama/Muhanga & Gisenyi), mass-disappearance & arrests, targeting mostly Hutu people and to some extent, RPF/Tutsi security officers, those formerly recruited by late Colonel Patrick Karegeya and some senior military officers supposed to be in contact with General Kayumba Nyamwasa. Therefore, considering all early warning signs above-mentioned,  no doubt that the military-political RPF (Rwandan Patriotic Front) system is on the verge of the awful irreversible collapse, with a potential risk of the spreading of a new bath blood tragedy countrywide, unless God’s miracle in extremis. Although the mass-disappearances and target killings politically planned and remote-controlled in Rwanda nowadays, the predictable tragedy can be prevented by the strong political will and political radical change of RPF regime, consisting in : Opening of political space, Dialogue with political opponents from other political parties challenging RPF, deep reforms of state’s institutions (Government, Justice, Parliament, Army…). Unfortunately until now, RPF regime doesn’t care with the principles of the rule of law, rather preferring the way of oppressive dictatorship and selfish oligarchy, to keeping people constantly silent, terrified, brainwashed and politically-controlled in the strict line of RPF political ideology.

Jean Musafiri, MPH, MA

Rwanda : mass disappearances and insidious target killings : early  warning signs of a predictable tragedy
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