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Perspective with Alison Smith: Rwanda's Hidden History: Investigation of a Second Genocide - April 15, 2018

La Tribune Franco-Rwandaise

This week on Perspective with Alison Smith: Rwanda’s Hidden History – An Investigation of a Second Genocide.

Author and journalist Judi Rever speaks about her new book, “In Praise of Blood: The Crimes of the Rwandan Patriotic Front,” in which she investigates a second genocide against the Hutu population in Rwanda at the hands of now-president Paul Kagame’s troops.

Jean-Paul Kimonyo, researcher and author on Rwandan and African politics and development, comments on the findings of Rever’s investigation. Kimonyo is also a policy adviser in the office of President Kagame.

Rwandan human rights activist Rene Claudel Mugenzi shares his thoughts on Rever’s book and also speaks about the threats and intimidation faced by Rwandan exiles who are critical of the Kagame government.

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