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Uganda-Rwanda : The cleansing that Museveni is conducting now could have been done a long time ago

La Tribune Franco-Rwandaise
Uganda-Rwanda : The cleansing that Museveni is conducting now could have been done a long time ago


"The cleansing that MUSEVENI is conducting now could have be done a long time ago, it was long overdue.
President Joseph Kabila Jr did it with the help of UNSCO.the infamous M23 created by criminal Kagame to destabilize Congo ,is now a history.
President Jacob Zuma cleansed his country of criminal Kagame,s agents by sending away some key diplomats from Rwanda accredited to his country.
Tanzania followed suit by making sure All Kagame,s éléments were cleansed from the Tanzanian soil.
Burundi did not want to be left behind. As I write this text, all these counties i have mentioned are free from criminal Kagame,s agents.when all this was happening M7 thought his surrogate son was being unfairly treated,he allowed him to bring his bunch of junks from South Africa,Congo,Tanzania and Burundi and dumped them into his country.
Museveni saw nothing wrong with this piles of criminal Kagame,s junks  until recently when he discovered that Uganda 🇺🇬 has become a dump site of these junks and they contaminating his country.Now the cleansing has began, from the look of things, Museveni is leaving no stone unturned.
Kagame utakuwa Mugeni wa nani mara hii?? Baba yako Mzee Museveni amekugeuka!!
I congratulate these countries which chose to make their countries clean by chasing away criminal Kagame,s criminal agents.
For those who are still associating yourselves with this criminal, work up and smell the coffee.
It is never too late, Learn from Mzee Museven .
Aluta continua."


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