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Publié par La Tribune Franco-Rwandaise

Did President Bill Clinton influence the invasion of Congo and order the assassination of Laurent Kabila (President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo)? The invasion of Congo by Rwanda and Uganda left about five million dead and plunged the country into a rampage. What role did Clinton and his administration play to remove President Mobutu from power? Kabila, a former communist guerrilla leader in Congo, was fortunate to be chosen by the Clinton administration to lead the rebellion against Mobutu; however, he turned his back and went against U.S. interests. I was sent to warn Kabila with a message from the White House saying “you are going nowhere.” This meant his end was near and nothing could save him from the strong arm of death. In a meeting with his son, General Joseph Kabila, the current President of Congo, General Silvestre Luwecha (his military chief of staff), and Colonel Eddy Kapend (chief of staff of the president), Kabila listened to his bad omen and ordered Colonel Eddy Kapend to work with me to foil his assassination plot. On January 16, 2001, Caporal Rashid, a presidential bodyguard, entered Kabila’s office, shot and killed the President; Colonel Eddy Kapend was convicted of planning the assassination. Viewed by Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister (his protector and personal advisor) as a “visionary leader,” and as “One of the greatest leaders of our time,” by former U.S. President Bill Clinton (his protector), President Kagame reigns on his people as a ruthless despot. While the world naively praises him for stopping genocide and developing the country, the reality proves the contrast. On April 6, 1994, he ordered the shooting down of the Rwandan presidential aircraft, Falcon 50, on board of which were President Juvenal Habyalimana of Rwanda and Cyprien Ntaryamira of Burundi; this terrorist act triggered genocide of Tutsi and moderate Hutu. Why has the United States shielded and protected Kagame against prosecution? Did Kagame act alone or was he directed? The Rwandan genocide was a bridge to invade Congo and remove Mobutu; was the U.S. interested served after five million Congolese died? “U.S. Made” walks you from the enigma to the reality of events that shook the region of the African Great Lakes.

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