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Publié par La Tribune Franco-Rwandaise


Edited on October 17, 2014

in Bergamo, Italy.

The mystery of 40dead bodies found in Lake RWERU congested in sets of plastic sheeting bags (tied with strong ropes) is henceforth uncovered and well-known with unquestionable evidence as the criminal acts of Rwanda’s RPF government. According to the Burundian government’s investigations supported by the BURUNDI’s general prosecutor statement on October13, those 40dead bodies were undoubtedly coming from RWANDA, following the water flows of the AKAGERA river falling in downstream in the lake RWERU.

Those political killings are a new evidence among several others during more two decades (from 1st October 1990 beginning of RPF tremendous war until now) concerning the long list of numerous gruesome state’s crimes knowingly committed by Rwanda RPF totalitarian regime led by President Paul KAGAME.

For instance, some of the main humanitarian crimes already proved with reliable testimonies and undisputable evidence are documented grounds as an inevitable indictment of President Paul KAGAME and RPF inners crimes in the very near short period probably before the end of this undergoing year 2014!!! Indeed, as goes the French saying: “rien ne sera plus comme avant” which predictably means that “the president Paul Kagame is already abandoned by his mentors-supporters from the dual British-American powers. The present BBC documentary “THE UNTOLD STORY” accurately presented by Jane CORBIN related to RPF genocide and humanitarian crimes committed as well in RWANDA than in CONGO under the leadership of the worst political criminal still in power PAUL KAGAME is the proof-evidence that his indictment and his imminent arrest for being prosecuted before INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE “ICJ” is a matter of time!!! That’s a real fact!!!

Fortunately, at the present time, RIP VAN WINKLE is already waked up from his longer sleep for more than two decades!!! Halleluiah, GOD BLESS RWANDA.

Rwanda : the uncovered truth
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