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Ref: 013/10/RPRK African Great lakes Region 21st October 2014

Mr. Tony Hall
Director – General of the BBC
Broadcasting House, Portland Place
London W1A 1AA

Subject: Appreciation of the documentary « Rwanda’s untold story«

Dear Mr. Hall,

With warm and heartiest feelings and on behalf of Ihuriro ry’Inyabutatu-RPRK (Rwandan Protocol for a Rwandan Kingdom), I congratulate and appreciate the management of the BBC for its initiative in investigating and telling the world, through the documentary « Rwanda’s untold story », the truth about who shot down President Juvenal Habyarimana’s plane.

The shooting down of that plane was a terrorist act which was the trigger of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsis of internal Rwanda. I wish to point out that the information contained in this documentary regarding Paul Kagame’s involvement in the shooting down of President Juvenal Habyarimana’s plane which triggered the genocide against the Tutsis of internal Rwanda in 1994 is absolutely true.
I wish to let you know also that before shooting down the plane, Paul Kagame was 100% certain that the Tutsis of internal Rwanda were going to be slaughtered as he had been strongly warned by different intelligence and some RPF cadres of high level. But, he went beyond these warnings and shot down the plane, triggering then the genocide as the BBC documentary shows it clearly. Paul Kagame is a cynical person: he told the survivors of the genocide to stop crying for having lost their beloved ones during the genocide; he explained to those survivors that he was not the Red Cross and that no one can make omelets without breaking eggs.

He is a selfish criminal like other notorious terrorists. I want to point out also that he triggered the genocide against the Tutsis of internal Rwanda knowing very well that his mother, his own children, his sisters, his wife and her family and his closest friends were not going to perish in the fire he was setting.
He made sure, he took his loved ones out of danger before he unleashed the inferno. Paul Kagame has orphaned many Rwandan children because of his insatiable appetite for power. It is with great shock that Rwandans watched him parading his own daughter in the White House during the recent USA-Africa Summit. 
Regarding the film « Rwanda’s untold story », I have profound reservations about the research made by Christian Davenport and Allan Stam on the number of deaths of Tutsis and Hutus during the genocide. An independent investigation is therefore necessary. Surely, the figure given of 200,000 Tutsis killed during the genocide is very low and my organization believes that these two mentioned researchers have made errors in their estimated statistics and no one should minimize the deaths of both Tutsis and Hutus in that tragedy.

I served in Paul Kagame’s High Command Protection Unit during the war and in the presidential guard (Republican Guard) after the war. The two missile gunners, their names are Frank Nziza and Eric Hakizimana, who shot down President Juvenal Habyarimana’s plane were my close workmates and friends.

By the time they shot down President Juvenal Habyarimana’s plane under Paul Kagame’s orders, Frank Nziza had the rank of a lieutenant while Eric Hakizimana was a corporal. At this moment, Frank Nziza has the rank of a major while Eric Hakizimana is a captain. These two gunners of Surface to Air Missiles (SAM 7) are still active in the Rwanda Defense Forces; they are on the Ministry of Defense payroll and are still members of President Paul Kagame’s trusted body guards in the Support/Artillery weapon unit of Republican Guard.

There is also some vital information which are not part of the documentary that I would like to point out for further documentaries on the subject, for instance:

1. Rwandese Patriotic Front (RPA) special forces were sent by President Paul Kagame then Chief of High Command of RPA to infiltrate and reinforce Interahamwe militia in carrying out mass killing of Tutsis and moderate Hutus. Some of these RPA special forces who infiltrated and reinforced the Interahamwe militia in the mass killing of Tutsis and moderate Hutus were Paul Kagame’s escorts.

2. Rwandese Patriotic Front soldiers were executed by « firing squad » under instructions of Paul Kagame for the simple reason that they went to rescue Tutsis from the hands of the Interahamwe militia. The names of some RPA soldiers who were executed under Paul Kagame’s order solely for rescuing Tutsis from the hands of Interahamwe militia are mentioned in the collective testimonies on Radio Inyabutatu by former soldiers of Rwandese Patriotic Army. The management team of Radio Inyabutatu has those names. As well as those who had infiltrated Interahamwe militia.

3. Paul Kagame ordered cynically the mass killings of innocent Hutu civilians like children, women, old women and men as well as Tutsi who were with them.

Our organization « Ihuriro ry’Inyabutatu-RPRK (Rwandan Protocol for a Rwandan Kingdom) » owns a radio that operates on shortwave and online (www.radioinyabutatu.com). One of the important roles which Radio Inyabutatu has achieved is to promote the truth about the atrocities which were carried out in Rwanda from 1990 to date.
We have in our archives the testimonies of former RPA soldiers; those testimonies tell clearly how Paul Kagame triggered the 1994 genocide and refused to save the lives of Tutsis because his priority was to capture the whole surface of land of Rwanda. For more details, you can visit our online radio which works 24/24hwww.radioinyabutatu.com
4. As said above, I was myself a close body guard to Paul Kagame during the war and when he became Minister of defense, Vice-President and President of Rwanda until I went into exile in 2008. I know every single detail of the atrocities and killings committed by Paul Kagame against (a) his superior commanders when the 1990 war started, (b) his commanders and soldiers during the war, (c) the Hutu civilians and Bagogwe of Tutsi origin during the war, (d) the Hutus and Tutsis during the 1994 genocide against the Tutsis of internal Rwanda, (e) the Hutu refugees in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
The continuation of the killing of Tutsis and Hutus up to now is a well-known fact. I agree with General Kayumba Nyamwasa, Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa and Lt. Aloys Ruyenzi who testify in the BBC documentary (Rwanda’s untold story) because what they narrate is entirely truthful. Lt. Aloys Ruyenzi was my workmate in High Command Protection Unit during the bush war; he was a very trusted soldier in Paul Kagame’s body guards and served as an Intelligence agent close to Paul Kagame during the bush war and after the war; he testified about what he saw with his own eyes.

I also agree with General Kayumba Nyamwasa that Paul Kagame is a serial killer who on the one hand triggered the genocide in which thousands of Rwandans perished in order to take the country violently and on the other hand uses the same methods to keep the power. 
My organization has always declared that Paul Kagame did not stop the genocide but triggered it, used it to seize power and continues to use it to silence those who want to show his own responsibility.

Please, kindly read, here attached, few questions we asked Paul Kagame concerning his own responsibility in the genocide against the Tutsis of internal Rwanda.« A Communiqué for sharing this painful commemoration with the survivors and those whose beloved ones were killed during the genocide against the Tutsis in Rwanda in 1994″ 

My organization will never let Paul Kagame to continue telling his shameless lies that he stopped the genocide whereas he triggered it in order to take over full power.

I have seen that « IBUKA » and other so called “scholar” organizations wrote to the management of the BBC asking them to stop broadcasting the documentary « Rwanda’s untold story », alleging that it is spreading the genocide denial. This is absolutely false: the documentary is not denying the genocide, on the contrary it is telling the truth about the role of President Paul Kagame in the genocide against the Tutsis of internal Rwanda.

This organization IBUKA works for the interests of President Paul Kagame and his ruling party RPF. IBUKA is an umbrella which RPF uses to spread its propaganda. I am also finding that President Paul Kagame’s lobbyists, presenting themselves as Rwandan experts, are pressuring the BBC to remove the documentary « Rwanda »s untold story ».

The fact is that those so called “experts” are the same people who intentionally wrote false stories about Rwanda just for the simple reason of covering up President Paul Kagame’s crimes. I strongly wish that BBC stands firm on its reputation of professionalism and independence, just for the pursuit of the truth. Mrs. Jane Corbin did an excellent job and we congratulate her as well as her partners! Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information about the above mentioned missing information in the documentary.

Yours Sincerely

Jackson Munyeragwe,

General Secretary
Ihuriro ry’Inyabutatu – RPRK (Rwandan Protocol for a Rwandan Kingdom

Paul Kagame ordered cynically the mass killings of innocent Hutu civilians (RPRK)
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