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Why we volunteer

La Tribune Franco-Rwandaise

By United States Holocaust Memorial Museum 

Henry Greenbaum and Susan Warsinger are Holocaust survivors who volunteer at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. For 20 years, they have shared their experiences with Museum visitors to educate them about the Holocaust and ensure it will not be forgotten.

Henry was 11 years old when the Nazis invaded his hometown in Poland. In 1942, his mother and two of his sisters were deported to the death camp at Treblinka, where they were murdered with thousands of other innocent men, women, and children. Henry was sent with his other sisters, Chaja, Yita, and Faige, to a labor camp. In 1944, He was the only one still alive, and he was deported to Auschwitz.

Watch this short video of Henry and Susan telling in their own words why they volunteer.

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