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Rwanda : The arrival of Alfred Gisa causes more conflict between the first families.

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Source : Inyenyeri

Letter to my Dear Afande Rwigema,

Alfred Gisa

As we approach another 1st of October in which many of us remembers you Afande, I have a special message for you. Sadly, the message I bring is not all good news.

First of all we miss you on a daily basis, especially whenever we revisit some of the videos which were taken prior to the 1990 attack to the land you had promised my elder brothers. Afande, the special message is that last week I was able to find out that you had blessed us with a son, Alfred, who was also nicknamed Bada; apparently he stated that he was nicknamed Bada due to being insecure of being killed by your wife Janet Rwigema. I am sorry for bringing this up Afande, because it sounded political, but I have to explain that when you left us things changed to that extent of calling Mama Junior a “killer.”

Afande, when you left, Major Kagame took over and came with his way of dividing killing and ruling. This divided the army plus their families and as I write this I am in the United Kingdom because of the insecurities surrounding our tiny nation.

A lot has been happening since our last chat when I was investigating who exactly killed you, (investigations still on-going), as you know the day you died I was still at home in Uganda at 14 years of age and still in school.  I felt as though I need to join the army after you passed on and continue the fight back to our country.  However, I was able to inherit the heart of comradeship you planted and I managed to benefit from the guards whom you were with. However, they were silenced at times and so we used the time we had with them rapidly to capture as much information as possible before we were all divided and silenced forever.

All your body guards became scattered just after your death some spent a few years with kayitare vedasteCol Kaitare Vedaste who was your chief body guard until he was also killed, and others joined the high command. People like Nkubito, Kyoga,Blackman, Mutamani, Charles Matungo, Alex Shumba and others were all traumatized, we kept asking ourselves why? But later we were able to understand.  Only Happy Ruvusha who was copolo when you died is the one allowed speaking about the incident, of how you died with conflicting messages, as if no one else was there when you died.

Afande nobody believe what Happy Ruvusha says, even though he explains every year, he is now a colonel and serves as one of Kagame’s body guards. Unfortunately, Afande as I speak Major Alex Shumba was poisoned yesterday and died in a hospital, simply because he declined to inform Paul Kagame about your son Alfred Gisa of whom I spoke about earlier in this letter. Also it was reported that after it was found that he was supporting your son Alfred Gisa without Kagame’s knowledge for over 20 years, Kagame became distressed and would not bare the situation.  Kagame and his wife advised Alex Shumba to tarnish your wife’s image by saying that she had planned to hunt and kill the young man, your son (Alfred Gisa) which is the reason why he hide him from the public eye.

Kagame with wifeJack NzizaJanet Kagame with Gen Jack Nziza tried to use Major Alex Shumba to take the advantage of the situation to tarnish your wife’s image just because Janet Kagame and Kagame himself had misunderstandings with your wife. (Maj Alex Shumba declined to destroy your family, RIP).

The misunderstandings commenced when Kagame’s children Ange Kagame, Cyomoro Ivan together with your children Eric Gisa and Teta Gisa were enrolled in an American university. Kagame was pretending to care for your children but apparently when he met an American Pastor known as Rick Warren he said to him that the university where the children were attending lectures was not good enough, and so Warren advised him to enrol them in another university. Unfortunately, when Janet Kagame, the president’s wife, got involved they moved their children to a new school and never even informed your children that there were going to move. All of your children and Kagame’s children are over 20 years old and had been friends since early 1990’s; they played together and went out together to watch films however there were divided by Kagame’s wife in one day.

ivan with angeThe change of university happened at the mid-term and so when Junior came back to the university he could not see Ivan whom he had maintained contact with during holidays but Ivan never told him that he was not coming back. Junior, your son, loves maintaining friendship just like you Afande, so he decided to call Ivan Cyomoro on phone who explained to him that they had changed universities. This affected Junior in a profound and negative way.  He immediately started spending nights out and binge drinking.

The university called yourjanet rwigema wife Janet Rwigema and when she arrived at the university she could not believe the state of your son, who was saying that he wishes he was dead because Junior believed that life was worth nothing at the time.

salimIt is true that General Salim Saleh Akandwanaho, Museveni’s brother, was you real friend; he intervened and offered funds for another school as well for your children.  The Kagame’s found out and it caused all the problems surrounding your family. Your wife was picked up  from her house and brought in front of Kagame and his wife, they insulted her and even called her a ‘’b…ch’’, referring to Saleh as her other half.

A lot of people have been killed just because they respected you and your family. Afande, you were our messiah, our Moses and our Joshua, you gave us love which kept us going even when Kagame was a failure, even when he divided us the love you left with us had kept us going until recently. Afande you created another chapter of where we are today. But, Afand just to remind you, that unfortunately, after your departure we were handed to the wrong man and we are at risk of drowning again. The army you pulled and put together for so many years was destroyed in days and everyone started spying on the other, we have seen the killers rule our nation again. Even Museveni, whom you trusted and believed would help us, has given up to the extent that he has to concentrate on his own interest. We have lost the idea of our ten point programme, and everything is about Kagame. Afande, we have gone all the way that our commanders are poisoning civilians and young soldiers let alone senior officers. We have lost love and even trust among all of us, the three tribes of Rwanda do not exist any more, what we have is a system that you support and if you do not you get killed. Extremism still exists but seen as an old fashioned of a few, and so we were driven by Paul Kagame from the worst to the worst. Also to tell you that Inyumba Alosisia died this too of un explained illness after a long time of neglect, Patrick Mazimphaka, Jaque Bihozagara and Karugarama are Isolated, Pateur Bizimungu in house arrest,Afande Col Alex Kanyarengwe also died after un explained illness with neglect, A lot happened we have many people in house arrests and safe houses but Paul Kagame thretening even more, including the neighbouring nations.

We are all worried that these madmen will end up poisoning or shooting your family, they divided the army and now families plus your own. Kagame has everything but has an unquenchable thirst for power. We all wish he was hungry for the truth but unfortunately that is the last thing he wants to hear.

Afande you passed away on the 2rd/10/1990 but we only believed after the war in 1994 when we never saw you turn up, we still believe that you may do something save us from Paul Kagame who claims that he grew up with you. We all believe that you were very different from him and that you would not even have been brought up in the same region let alone a village because he is so very genetically different from you Afande.

As we remember another October, I call upon all comrades to remember Afande and all our forces who past on during the war, also I give my heart to their families. Particularly Janet Rwigema and the young man Alfred Gisa please do not allow Gen Jack Nziza to use your family as political tools.

Junior or Eric Gisa,  look for your brother and discuss how to unite the family. Look at your photos, you both look like your Daddy Afande Fred Rwigema.

God Bless you all.

We will always love you.

Jambo afandeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Noble Marara

Edited by Jennifer Fierberg

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