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Commentaire de Mayele Deogratias KAREGEYA au sujet de l’article RDC: le président Kabila veut déplacer des FDLR du Kivu vers le Maniema

Relocating FDLR militia in Maniema amounts to just healing symptoms , and not the  rwandese secular ehtnic hatred . That is good for President KABILA for the sake of his election worries .  One does not need to be a prophet of doom to foresee gloomier and worse social and political  future perspectives , for this geopolitical entity . Talk of Armagedon , the real apocalypse . I am not Colonel Bagosora ,but any politicaly advised  rwandan should be aware of the danger of building the country on an active volcanoe .I might be labelled an ideologist of genocide for saying , openly , what is known by anyone who is willing to . If it will not be too late , a politicaly mature truth and reconciliation commision is needed in Rwanda . Propaganda and political hypocrisy will not last for ever . We danced and sung Habyalimana , but ....look people can not learn until today....la professionalisation du caractere machiavelique des dirigeants politiques dans les pays du tiers monde .

ps . Ne m'en tenez pas rigueur,  je réfléchis tout haut.  

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<br /> <br /> Rwandais , parlons honnetement , sincerement et surtout poliment . This is the only last resort , politicaly speaking . If you do not do it , who else is supposed to do it for you. Do not put the<br /> meagre social grant you get from the country that gave you asylum in the pocket , and think that you are no longer concerned by the problems of your country .... until<br /> basic human rights are guaranteed to all , un the dream of lasting peace is a fleeting allusion to be persued and never attained , it is war .... Pope John Paul said that  if you<br /> want peace , work for justice . From the begining of the 1990 war , RPF had a very good social political appeal in the eyes of the international community ,and it served the cause , at the<br /> time . But , ushyize impumu yibagirwa icyamwirukantsaga . Now , RPF is giving people the platform to expose them . What goes around , comes around ...... the westerners change like the<br /> meteorological weather , they just wait for the proper time . And if sometihing happens , they will just say rwandans kill rwandans , so what ....... and we can not just stand aside and<br /> look . I am not a politician , i do not believe in hungry people politics , but let us contribute one way or another to achieve a kind of  conflict transformation for the great lakes region<br /> of Africa , and that may bring about that much needed integral social and political conflict resolution.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />