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A call for rejecting the legitimacy of Rwandan Presidential election of August 9, 2010 (Paul Rusesabagina)

JMVN #Politique

President Barack Obama

United States of America


President Herman Van Rompuy

European Union


Prime Minister David Cameron

United Kingdom


Subject: A call for rejecting the legitimacy of Rwandan Presidential election of August 9, 2010


Dear President Obama,

Dear President Van Rompuy,

Dear Prime Minister Cameron,


In my capacity as President of both Hotel Rwanda Rusesabagina Foundation (HRRF) and the Initiative for a Highly Inclusive inter-Rwandan Dialogue for peace, justice and reconciliation (DIRHI), I am writing this letter to your Excellencies to formally request that you withhold official endorsement of the legitimacy of the Rwandan Presidential election which will be held today August 9, 2010 in total absence of democracy and irregularity.

The governments of the United Stated of America and the United Kingdom, as well as the European Union have been not only the primary political and diplomatic backers but also the unconditional funding powers of the RPF regime of President Paul Kagame since coming to power in July 1994. Since Rwanda operates on a budget that is 60% funded by foreign aid which primarily comes from the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union, you have the power to insure that this aid package - which is part of tax payer money contributed by your citizens - is used for the benefit of all Rwandans and to uphold and strengthen democratic values in Rwanda rather than serve the interests of a small RPF clique in power and entrench its dictatorship.


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