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I strongly feel the world has neglected the raped women in the DRC

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I strongly feel the world has neglected the raped women in the DRC

By Jeanne Mukamurenzi

I strongly feel the world has neglected the raped women in the DRC,

Yes, Dr Denis Mukwege has been recognized for his noble work of repairing these women as he is usually referred to (a Dr who repairs women). 
The man has really done a lot and I salute him for that.
My issue here is that the world has failed to openly condemn the man behind the destruction of the women that Dr. Mukwege repairs.
Such a man is not supposed be given space in the international fora.
But what do we see? We see him at the top of the African Union.Poor Africa!!
We see him giving lectures at universities, a total mockery to these intellectuals who sit to Listen to a such sycophant. 

We see him holding talks with Norwegian prime minister, a respectable lady who understands the uplight of women,a woman who is leading a country which respects the rights of women, a country which does not tolerate any form of abuse against women.

We see him shaking hands with top world leaders.
Yet, none has ever condemned his support for the armed militia in the DRC, these militia are the ones who have been raping the women that Dr Mukwege has devoted himself to repair. Why is that  Paul Kagame and his role in the DRC endless conflicts  not mentioned? 
Has the coltan from Congo that Kagame sales in certain countries blinded these leaders to se that they actually buying bloody Coltan from this war criminal?
The world is aware about the man who invaded Congo in 1996 and committed the genocide against Hutu refugees who had fled to Congo after his militia  group had captured power in Rwanda in 1994.
His Congo evasion was the genesis of raping of the Congolese women and the genocide against Hutu refugees in Congo.
Yet, the world is still quiet and the world leaders are rubbing shoulders with such a man,Total hypocrisy, total double standards.

The world is aware about the infamous M23 and the man behind it, the world is aware about the mayi mayi  militia group and the man behind it ,why not mention him as you recoganise Dr Mukwege ?
Shame the criminal publicly, let the criminal be known for the misery he has caused to these women.
Once more I salute Dr. for his noble cause.
Jeanne Mukamurenzi

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