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Publié par La Tribune Franco-Rwandaise

Press Release of civil society organizations and political parties opposed to the change of the constitution in Rwanda

On 17 and 18 December, the Rwandan dictatorship has taken the last step of constitution change maneuvers aimed at keeping President Paul Kagame to power. This is being done through a referendum.

The signatories of this Press Release would like to inform the public that these maneuvers have nothing to do with the will of the Rwandan people.

Rwandan people live in fear, under a dictatorship and therefore has no other choice than obey the instructions of the authorities.

Maneuvers designed to impress the international opinion

These maneuvers are intended to mislead donors and the international community.

Indeed, most of Rwandans who are living in terror are aware of conditions in which General Paul Kagame took the power and how he maintains it. Namely, by arms, violent repression, as in the case of disappearances denounced several times by international organizations and foreign countries, the total closure of political space and the lack of freedom of expression or association.

In Rwanda political opponents are imprisoned or murdered.  We recall the case of Victoire Ingabire imprisonment, Deo Mushayidi and Bernard Ntaganda, respectively chairmen of the opposition parties FDU, PDP and PSI, assassinations of Patrick Karegeya and André Kagwa Rwisereka from respectively RNC and the Green Party parties.

We call upon all donors of Rwanda to realize that their funds are used to maintain in power a regime that has no legitimacy among its people, a regime that maintains itself on the power through oppression.

Urgent need to unite all democratic forces in order to restore democracy in Rwanda

We call upon any person or organizations wishing installation of democracy as a solution to the Rwandan socio-political issues to join forces with us to demand the return power to the people.

Indeed, through his maneuvers the regime of General Kagame has demonstrated once again that it will continue to maintain the Rwandan people into oppression. Thus it is a matter of urgency to assist Rwandans to achieve their freedom.

Brussels, the 17 Th December 2015


List of signatories : see attached file

Press_release_opposed_change_constitution_en -.pdf

Civil society organizations and political parties opposed to the change of the constitution in Rwanda
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