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« BBC GATE » : the untold story behind the war between BBC and Paul Kagame

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The Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) is an excellent machine of « Repression Across » and the Rwandan authorities have never denied these allegations. They enjoy the assassination of Rwandan dissidents abroad. The Repression Across’ report stated that: « on occasion, Rwandan government  officials have attempted to discredit or insult the victims soon after their death, especially when they have been outspoken against government ». Gen. James Kabarebe, the defense minister, also said in relation to the death of Patrick Karegeya  »When you choose to be a dog, you die like a dog , and the cleaners will wipe away the trash, ».

Komla Afeke Dumor, BBC presenter

Komla Afeke Dumor, BBC presenter

Rwandan President, Paul Kagame, has warned that those who betray the country will face « consequences ». Accordingly, he spreads the Rwandan spies – also called « African Mossad »- everywhere to spill terror both inside and outside Rwanda. Any criticism against the regime, even by the foreign  journalists, is considered as both negationism and revisionism.

In 2006, Komla Afeke Dumor, Ghanan by birth,  joined the BBC African Service as a journalist-presenter.  Three years later he became the pioneer presenter of Africa Business Report, a monthly BBC World News television programme that each time took him to a different country on the continent.  As a lead presenter for BBC World, Dumor has considerable influence on how the continent is covered. »


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On 20th May 2013, in a BBC’s interview with Rwandan President Paul Kagame, Komla Dumor asked Paul Kagame about allegations that his country was using proxy forces in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This was a widely reported story; that Kagame was using rebel forces in plundering resources from Congo, for landlocked Rwanda. Kagame responded to the question that « the allegations are ridiculous and an effort to circumvent the real problem ».

Komla Dumor and President Clinton

On 12 August 2013, Dumor conducted an other interview with former U.S. President Bill Clinton, in which he questioned him about his support for Kagame when so many allegations of Kagame’s criminality have been raised. Dumor also criticized Rwanda’s lack of free press in his interview, which Clinton defended. 


Komla Afeke Dumor passed away on 18th January 2014 four days after having an interesting interview with the Rwandan ambassador in the UK, Mr.Williams Nkurunziza, in which Rwanda’s high commissioner to the UK stated that former Rwandan intelligence chief Patrick Karegeya -who was found dead in the safe of a hotel room in Johannesburg- was an « enemy of the state« .

Whatever the role of Kagame, the presumption of murder of BBC journalist Komla Dumor, seems even more plausible, given that he had a very interesting interview with the Rwandan ambassador four days before he inexplicably died suddenly, at an unripe age of 41 years. 

His death might be  a covert operation conducted by the National Intelligence and Security Services of Rwandan (NISS) whose director general is Emmanuel Karenzi Karake also known as « KK ». KK has been described by his former colleagues as a man able to target enemies with astounding precision and never missing his mark.

The Rwandan squad of death might have used  Utuzi twa munyuzaThe sophisticated poison that kills without any scientific or medical detection of cause of death. At post-mortem doctors either find that the victim has died of heart attack, kidney failure, or prostate. It is sure the death of the Ghanaian BBC Journalist  is not from God revealed the Archbishop Nicholas Duncan – Williams.

Furthermore Herbert Mensah, a close friend of the late BBC journalist who was also suspicious, stated that  »He reportedly died at his home in London on Saturday after suffering fromwhat is believed to be a cardiac arrest« . Additionally, he said that “He was constantly been offered jobs…He’s been offered a massive six figures sum of money to leave the BBC but for him; his aim was really to make a change to the point that he would be able to come home. And actually contribute to make a bigger change the direction in which the country should go.”

Kagame’s allergy to  journalist opposing his regime is well known; Charles Ingabire, editor of opposition website Inyenyeri News, 32 years old, had fled Rwanda several years earlier due to his outspoken criticism of Kagame’s regime and had been attacked on several occasions while living in Kampala. And later  he was shot dead by an unknown gunman in Kampala on December 1. Of course, Kagame denies any link to the Kampala journalist murder

It is clear that Dumor was trying to raise awareness of the serious problems tied to Kagame in relation with M23. He transformed its Network Africa on BBC and Focus on Africa programme to a platform campaigning against the conflict in the Great Lakes Region, in particular, the ties between M23 and kagame at the UK cut funding period. Dumor even posted on his Facebook;  »Is the President of Rwanda, Kagame a visionary or a dictator? « Dumor seemingly became a traitor in the eyes of Kagame, and may have supposedly faced the « consequences ».


The unexplained and unexpected death of Komla  Afeke Dumor, after four days of his interview with the Rwandan High commissioner in the UK, unleashed an undeclared war between BBC and Paul Kagame, the president of Rwanda. BBC, after that, made a volte-face in the covering and supporting of Rwandan issues. As it was noticed in the coverage of Karenzi Kareke’s arrest in London.

In October 2014 , joining the campaign against Kagame’s regime,the first British channel released the « bomb » documentary « Rwandan’s untold story«   giving an uncritical platform to the denial of the Rwandan genocide.The documentary reveals the role of Kagame’s Rwandan Patriotic Front in the mass of killing Hutu refugees and Congolese  in Congo as a second genocide.

Kagame has accused the corporation of “genocide denial” in the documentary, and said it had chosen to “tarnish Rwandans and dehumanise them” as it was reported by the Guardian. The Rwandan parliament called for the BBC to be banned from the country’s airwaves in response to the documentary. It also called for the documentary-makers to be charged with genocide denial. It later suspended all BBC radio broadcasts in Rwanda’s most common language, Kinyarwanda. 

The BBC defended its decision to air the documentary, saying it had “a duty to investigate difficult and challenging subjects”. It added that the film made “a valuable contribution to the understanding of the tragic history of the country and the region”. 


Dumor’s death was a drop of water that overflowed the vase, because the behavior of Kagame -Darling of the West- became uncontrollable even on British soil. Emmanuel Karenzi Karake, the powerful  chief of Rwandan spy was arrested on the 20th June 2015 in London, on an arrest warrant from Spain for war crimes, and MI5 wanted to know more about the role played by the Rwandan spies and operative networks in  the UK including the investigation of Dumor’s death also called « BBCgate » as reported by a reliable source.    

As a matter of fact, the BBC’s coverage of  KK’s arrest was one of the most neutrally ever broadcasted story by the corporation since its historical support of the Kagame’s regime.

UK government does not want to talk about the African BBC journalist’s murder which it considers as a « national humiliation » by Rwandan leader, and an unfriendly behaviour of its ally.The difficulty is being one  of the countries donors of Kagame’s regime and a bystander-accomplice; the UK government found itself increasingly in a tight position to investigate, prosecute or extradite KK that including ,in particular, the investigation of Dumor’s death.

On the 10th August 2015, UK court dismissed the Rwandan spy chief extradition case and stopped the secret investigation of Dumor’s death. Because  all the circumstances could also put even the UK government and its other allies -such as USA and Israel- in a difficult position as the Blair’s links to Rwandan President Kagame must remain a secret  said the Foreign Office.




As  an African black journalist in one of the first media of the world, Komla Dumor was shocked of the atrocities and massacres in East of Congo and the silence of the international media. As a journalist, he wanted to know the truth about « Why eastern DR Congo is ‘rape capital of the world ». 

Following his unrelenting quest for the truth, he apparently found one of the root causes of the region’s crisis; « Kagame’s Hidden War in the Congo » and criminal project ».  And he should obviously concluded that the president of Rwanda must be charged with aiding war crimes as many thinkIn the light of the above, Dumor was at war with Kagame’s lobbies when he criticized the Rwandan leader and his supporters.

He passed away as a martyr of the truth, a hero, an uncompromising  journalist and spokesperson of  the Congo genocide. Two questions remain unexplainable: why and who offered Dumor money to quit BBC? And why Dumor, a long-serving journalist, became very depressed prior to his death? 

In the conclusion , the future would have a word to say. RIP to Komla Afeke Dumor, a martyr for the suppressed inquest of the Congo genocide.


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