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RDTJ logoThe Rwandan Platform for Dialogue, Truth and Justice “RDTJ” is concerned with unending interference of Rwandan Embassies worldwide into Rwandan refugees and asylum seekers plights in their host countries.

The RDTJ is a non-profit and apolitical organization of Rwandan exiles living in South Africa that strives to create a platform where Rwandan Hutus, Tutsis, and Twas of all walks of life meet and discuss ways to achieve durable peace and reconciliation among themselves and debating on the root causes of ethnic and political problems that Rwanda has endured for a period exceeding 400 years and continues to experience today.

In South Africa, the Rwandan Embassy embarked on activities aimed at destabilising the security and peace of Rwandan refugees and asylum seekers since year 2000. (... Read more ...)

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