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Rwandan Dictator Paul Kagame digs himself into deeper hole in UK



The British have a saying that “wonders never cease”. This is especially true with the actions of the Rwandan Dictator Paul Kagame. Just when you think you have seen his worst turn, a more shocking one emerges.

When Kagame jetted to London to receive his medal for his “great leadership” from an NGO that does not even operate in Rwanda, there was nothing particularly unusual about that. Kagame has a bottomless hunger for awards and medals. He will travel to the North Pole to receive one – even if given by the penguins, as long as it is a medal.

It turns out, however, that Kagame got more than he bargained for in London this time around.

Kagame Falls in M15 trap

  • When dictator Kagame went to receive the bogus medal from a charity, he fell in trap. The British M15 used the visit to have a chat with the dictator, and showed him hard evidence of taped conversations between Rwandan high level intelligence officials in Kigali and operatives sent to harass and possibly kill Rwandans in UK. It was on the basis of such evidence that the British government informed Kagame in no uncertain terms that he was not welcome to hold a convention in UK that was originally supposed to take place this July.
  • Typically, the Rwandan dictator stormed out of the M15 meeting.
  • The dictator was so annoyed that he almost did not sleep – rushing to the airport earlier than planned, also due to the fact that the British had not provided security for him to clear traffic since the dictator was on a private visit to receive his medals.
  • This is the same Kagame who had earlier at his press conference told the entire world that the Scotland Yard and British intelligence were “incompetent.”
  • When confronted with the taped telephone conversations between top Kagame civilian and military intelligence officials and the operatives in London to do harm to Rwandan Diaspora, Kagame was no longer singing “you are incompetent”. He was now singing, “these Rwandan intelligence were not acting on my behalf”. Of course this did not wash. The Dictator was cornered, and had nowhere to hide, except to storm out of the M15 Meeting.

Mushikiwabo Impossible Mission

Today (Tuesday 12 July 2011), Rwandan Foreign Minister Mushikiwabo is in London on an impossible mission – to control the damage. Here is why she will not succeed.

The British government has banked so much on Kagame’s development agenda. They want an African success story. The Cameron government has recently cut off aid to such countries as Burundi due to corruption. They did not touch a cent of aid to Rwanda of over 80 Million British Pounds annually. But how does Dictator show his appreciation of these millions of Pounds of budget support that goes directly into the Rwandan treasury?

  • Kagame sends his killing machines to the UK. Before he was stopped, he was about to hold a highly intimidating convention where he would award his operatives for the job well-done, namely harassing the Rwandan Diaspora in UK and all over the world.
  • The head of DFID Rwanda office was recently assaulted in Rwanda by Rwandan police during the period where the UK government was warning Rwandans in Britain to improve their own security as Kagame killing machines were likely to do harm. The Kigali regime says it is investigating.
  • Kagame calls British police and intelligence “incompetent” for doing their work.

The Rwandan dictator has lost the plot

Everything around Kagame is in free fall and in a melt-down mode. His PR machine in America and Britain has collapsed, mainly because the dictator has lost his mind, and will only listen to Jeannette Kagame and her government made up of Jack Nziza and Ines Mpambara and other sycophants. This collection of misfits tells the Rwandan dictator what he wants to hear, and not what is right.

The Dictator’s empire is crumbling, and the strategy to save it is in tatters. Jeannette Kagame’s begging mission to Uganda to win over President Yoweri Museveni flops miserably. Mushikiwabo’s mission impossible to the UK will meet the same fate. It is in fact a non-starter.

Free advice to the Rwandan dictator

No matter how hopeless the situation appears, the Rwandan dictator can save his regime – but more importantly save Rwanda from another disastrous episode. Here is free advice to the Rwandan dictator.

  • Have courage for once and take charge of the Rwandan government for which you were supposedly elected to govern for seven more years. Forget your preferred candidate who will succeed you. You do not know if you will survive your term.
  • Put Jack Nziza and company on trial for national and international terrorism – after all you claimed in your M15 meeting that such people were acting on their own without your knowledge when they sent killers to eliminate Rwandans abroad.
  • Tell your wife to stay out of governmental affairs. She is not an elected official. Let her stay in the business of running NGOs, if she is any good at that anyhow.
  • Remove Jeannette Kagame’s stooges from your office, beginning with Ines Mpambara. Such persons cannot run their own homes let alone complex government machinery.
  • Instead of the pathetic conventions that supposedly showcase you as a world leader, prepare for a genuine national convention of all Rwandan leaders, including those you have imprisoned and exiled, and together share wisdom as to how you can save Rwanda.
  • Seek for forgiveness from Rwandans who you betray every day by, among other things, living far beyond available national resources, and lastly:
  • Stop New Times from pedaling vulgar PR on your grand achievements – accomplishments are best experienced than shoved in peoples’ faces. Most people do not believe this garbage. They laugh at you and your newspaper. Whatever you think you may have accomplished, Rwanda is still the poorest nation in East Africa by any definition, save for Burundi.
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