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Rwanda to Sterilize 700,000 Men - Open letter to Laurent Contini, French Ambassador in Kigali

JMVN #Rwanda
European Action Group

Open letter from European Citizens for Peace & Justice in Central Africa to the French Ambassador to Rwanda (17/02/11)


In seeking answer to our questions and doubts about the African policy of President Sarkozy

Subject: Rwanda to Sterilize 700,000 Men, PRI Pledges to "Work Tirelessly" against It

 Paul Kagame's upcoming visit to Paris (March 2011)

 « Le Rwanda sera le modèle de nouvelles relations franco-africaines »


Distinguished Ambassador Contini,


As members of the European Civil Society, we are deeply concerned about the information communicated by the NGO Population Reasearch Institute concerning the upcoming sterilization of 700.000 Rwandese men (see below).

This is unacceptable. The Nazi regime was the last one to use this kind of method .. 


We ask you to inform immediately President Sarkozy, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs and the members of French Parliament.


Would you please communicate them the attached document concerning the Spanish investigation (Judge Merelles) and the three following open letters in order to reconsider the French invitation to general Kagame to be in Paris in March 2011 :

Kagame cherche des complices à Paris

Lettre ouverte à l'attention du Président de la République française  

Lettre ouverte à Sarkozy et Harper au sujet de l'Afrique

Spanish and Belgian Prime Ministers Zapatero and Leterme have refused to meet Kagame in 2010.

Shouldn't President Sarkozy do the same ?


Yours respectfully

The European Action Group

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