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Nyamwasa-Kagame-SPhoto : Gen Paul Kagame and Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa


Rwanda’s plot to execute exiled general

By Jacques Pauw


A would-be assassin revealed to City Press this week how he had been recruited and paid by Rwanda’s military intelligence service to kill an exiled Rwandan general and his followers in Pretoria. Rwandan refugee Gustav Tuyishime told City Press that his main targets were former Rwandan army chief of staff General Kayumba Nyamwasa and two of his confidants.

Nyamwasa, once Rwandan president Paul Kagame’s closest confidant, is now a key figure in Rwanda’s exiled opposition movement.

The Rwandan embassy denies the allegations.

Nyamwasa is under witness protection after assassins allegedly sent by Kigali shot and wounded him in June last year.

Ten men, among them Rwandan, Tanzanian and Somali nationals, have been charged with attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder. City Press has also established that South Africa’s Crime Intelligence Unit and National Intelligence Agency have received information implicating individuals at the Rwandan embassy in Pretoria in the activities of Rwandan death squads.

Tuyishime said he had received $16 000 (R110 140) on May 15 this year to carry out the assassination.
He showed City Press SMSes from his handlers in Kigali inquiring how successful he had been in infiltrating Nyamwasa’s inner circle. Tuyishime also received an email from Kigali with the address where Nyamwasa was being kept in witness protection. A picture of the house was attached. The address was accurate. Nyamwasa was moved to another safe house in June.

The renewed assassination efforts have increased tension between Rwanda and South Africa, with both countries withdrawing their respective ambassadors.
Nyamwasa fled to South Africa last year. He is a founding member of the Rwandan National Congress (RNC), which wants to end what it labels Kagame’s “tyrannical dictatorship”.
Tuyishime was exposed as a would-be assassin after he told a member of the RNC in June that he had been hired to shoot Nymawasa, his brother, Frank Ntwali, and senior RNC official Emile Rutagengwa. The RNC informed South Africa’s Crime Intelligence Unit of the plot and it detained and questioned Tuyishime. He co-operated and has made several statements and provided evidence of the plot.

He now fears for his life and showed City Press messages ordering him to fly to Kenya, where he was to meet his handlers.

“I’ve taken their money and now they’re going to kill me,” said Tuyishime, who has lived in South Africa for more than 10 years and is a former soldier. Instead of buying an illegal gun and hiring hit men to assist him, Tuyishime bought a car and new clothes. “If they know what I’ve done, they’ll kill me,” he said. “Please help me.”

-         City Press


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<br /> <br /> Dear readers of this very interesting website of our friend JMVN,<br /> <br /> <br /> I'll try to give some indications, drawn in a few caricatural lines, showing that current Rwandan "Life ad interim" President Paul Kagame is a serial killer with various faces, having even<br /> sacrificied his own Batutsi brothers and sisters for his own personal power, as JMVN learned to us. Let us read again the "Mapping Exercice", issued by the United Nation High Commission for Human<br /> Rights, and going over the serial crimes of Kagame's army in RDC and Rwanda since 1993... with an estimated cumulative amount of deaths going around 5 to 6 millions souls now... representing, for<br /> example, 25,000 cubic meters of human blood for a bloodthirsty satanic adventure in the Central African Great Lakes countries! Too much is too much.<br /> <br /> <br /> Indeed, Rwanda's Externel Special Operations (ESO et al. et sq.) office is under  the direct supervision and direction of General-Major Paul "Pilato" M4 Kagame, sole shareholder,<br /> CEO (Chief of Executions Officer), and PDG (President Dictator General) of Rwanda, who has ever functioned as an Intelligence Officer (IO), since his first step in the Ugandan National<br /> Resistance Movement/Army (NRM/NRA), then under the direction of Yoweeri Kaguta "Sevo" M7 Museveni, assisted by Fred "Gisa" Rwig(y)ema, who later took the direction of the RANU/RPF/RPA.<br /> <br /> <br /> President Paul Kagame is a scorpio with multiple faces. He's now known as "Tora 100%" but in fact "Tora 93%" only and waiting a final score of "Tora 0%" on middle term. Kagame is the "Boss", the<br /> "Top Number One", the "Chief", the "Pharao"... remaining the "Afande PC", but also the "ZERO BRAVO", his former UHF identification code during the RPF guerilla era. He's also known in Kigali<br /> as "Mister N53"... according to the size of his abnormally long shoes.<br /> <br /> <br /> At various occasions, Kagame ordered that all kind of opposition about him and his RPF had to be crushed. He ordered the building of a new Intelligence Unit in charge of Counter Action against<br /> all kind of criticism or opposition, ordering to his new "e-Thugs" to accuse all these opponents of "negationism, revisionism, divisionism, justificationism, antisemitism, genocide denial,<br /> etc". Kagame personnally designs more and more targets to his "IOs" for Intelligence and Action, and to what I identify as his "e-Thugs", working more specifically on<br /> Internet : witnesses, foreigners, Rwandans of the diaspora, scholars, journalists, human rights activists, exiled former RPF "insiders" (Patrick Karegeya, Faustin Nyamwasa Kayumba, Théogène<br /> Rudasingwa...), internal democratic opposition... Today in Kigali, if you want to survive decently, follow this safe rule: "Eat and shut up". If you disagree with this rule, you have various<br /> democratic choices: "Exile, Prison, Death".<br /> <br /> <br /> Coming back to the case of General-Major Faustin "Fawistini" Kayumba, aka "Nyamwasa", currently in exile in South Africa, and now under special SAP protection in various safe houses, Kagame sent<br /> killers last year in Jo'burg for killing Mister Kayumba during the very important sport event for South Africa, the Football World Cup. When we analyze the various steps of this murder attempt,<br /> we can only conclude that it was amateurism organized by analphabetes and thugs, not by professional Intelligence officers like Kayumba himself, or Karegeya, of course. Kagame thugs and killers<br /> tried a second time with the recent Tuyishime affair. There are other plots under investigation, but Kagame is not able to make the war against South Africa which is an African super-power,<br /> and the loose of diplomatic support of which will be fatal to the RPF regime that has now one's back to the wall... of what will become its prison or its tumb.<br /> <br /> <br /> It was very easy to kill poor and disarmed Baganda farmers in the "Luwero Triangle" or to torture prisoners in the "Basiima House", like Kagame did during the NRM/NRA so called "liberation"<br /> strugle at the end of the years eighties. Let us remember that, known for his particular coldhearted crualty, Kagame received in Uganda his nickname of "Pilato"... washing his hands covered of<br /> blood of innocent people... like the Roman governor Pontius Pilatus washing his hands in front of Jesus the Christ. Personnally, I prefer to give one other nickname to Kagame, "Scorpio<br /> mulindii", because he is born under the sign of Scorpio, because he grew for evil's sake in his former Head-Quarters in Mulindi (Muriindi on the border with "mother" Uganda), and because the<br /> mental behaviour and the paranoid psychopathological structure of Kagame is typical of a Scorpio who has ever been interested with only one goal: "To seize and to hold the power" for himself...<br /> "para tomar el poder", as Spanish antiterrorist Judge Don Fernando Andreu Merelles wrote in his International Warrant of Arrest against him.<br /> <br /> <br /> But Faustin Kayumba is intelligent, cleaver and cunning like a fox. He is an insider of the military-political movement RANU/RPF/RPA/RDF since its baptism of fire in Uganda, then in Rwanda,<br /> then in Zaïre/RDC. Kayumba will survive on short term, but not forever. Scorpio Kagame looks to the Kayumba fox, in the night. Not only both Rwandan and Congolease people, but the whole<br /> of our common humanity, our Ubuuntu, being like a common soul of the Abaantu we are, needs the testimony of Faustin Kayumba. Let us hope that Kayumba will make a decisive step for<br /> bringing light in the Rwandan darkness.<br /> <br /> <br /> I started by writing "some caricatural lines" and finally it was a whole article per se. Sorry, and thank you for your attention.<br /> <br /> <br /> Truth, Justice, Peace and Reconciliation for our brothers and sisters of Rwanda, at kings' King's Light, on this marvellous day of August 15, 2011, day of Our Lady, day of Love and Light.<br /> <br /> <br /> Agaculama.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />