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How Paul Kagame deliberately sacrificed the Tutsi" by Jean-Marie Ndagijimana

'' The inexperiencescan0004_-1-.jpgd have praised Kagame as a savior; but time has shown that he is the source of our misery. He has already set up protection for those families who paid him large sums of money, while our families, the little people, were thrown to the Interahamwe.'' - Jean Pierre Mugabe, A Tutsi and former intelligence officer with the Kagame RPF. ''Paul Kagame's attitude during the Tutsi genocide supports this idea. He was a warlord was systematically rejected every initiative from the United Nations and certain Western countries that would have halted the massacres of the Tutsis. He even went so far as to threaten to attach those foreigh troops who interfered in trying to end the genocide. I recall especially the threats leveled directly against France at the time of Operation Turquoise. Kagame never intended to protect the Tutsi families inside Rwanda, but only to use them in his drive to seize power by force of arms.' Jean-Marie Ndagijimana. Jean-Marie Ndagijimana was the Rwandan Ambassador to Paris from October 1990 to April 1994, before being removed from his post for speaking out against the mass killings of Tutsis and Hutus. On 19 July 1994, he became Minister of Foreign Affairs (from MDR Party) in what was called the ' Broad-Based National Unity Government' led by Faustin Twagiramungu. In September 1994, Kofi Annan, the UN Under Secretary General for Peacekeeping, presented the Minister with a report confirming the massacres of several tens of thousands of Hutu civilians, between July and September 1994, by Paul Kagame's forces. Refusing to countenance this policy of ethnic cleansing, he left the government and went into exile to testify before world public and denounce this silent genocide that was every bit as heinous and damnable as the genocide of the Tutsis. Throughout his testimony, Ambassador Ndagijimana continues to fight for Trust, Justice and Reconciliation. ISBN: 978-2-916380-08-7
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