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JMV Ndagijimana #Droits de l'homme

Qui est Paul Kagame ? - La Zone Audio • Vidéo | Radio-Canada.ca


podcasts.cnn.net (L'interview complet de Kagame sur CNN ou Paul Kagame à l'offensive)


CNN.com - Transcripts


[16:00:00] CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR, CNN ANCHOR: Tonight, we have an exclusive with the president of Rwanda, Paul Kagame. He's taken his country from the aftermath of mass murder to an economic miracle, but at what cost? Good evening, everyone. ...

Au Rwanda, la loi réprimant l'"idéologie du génocide" sert à harceler l'opposition - LeMonde.fr


Le Monde.fr - Victoire Ingabire, candidate potentielle contre le président Kagamé, est empêchée de quitter le pays.

L'opposante Victoire Ingabire dans la ligne de mire Rwanda, Politique : Jeuneafrique.com


Jeuneafrique.com : Elle réclamait depuis son retour d'exil que les massacres de Hutus perpetrés en 1994 soient poursuivis en justice. Elle a été empêchée de quitter le territoire rwandais ce mardi 23 mars par les autorités de Kigali qui lui reprochent une attitude "révisioniste".

Rwanda's democratic credentials under fire - Africa, World - The Independent


Rwanda's democratic credentials have been questioned amid evidence that authorities are blocking efforts by the country's Green Party to contest this year's elections. The new Greens have been repeatedly ...

The Uganda Record: Crisis


The children's ward at the King Faisal Hospital in Kigali, 2007. The image of a nation on the move, efficient and tomorrow's IT hub has been shattered by reports of a coup attempt and tensions within the Tutsi-controlled army.

UK and US finance Central African War; eight million Africans die [HD]

KPFA News segment, with video overlay, 03.21.2010, including interview with Professor Peter Erlinder, Lead Defense Counsel for the International Criminal Tribunal on Rwanda.

SaveRwanda.org :: Témoignage exclusif de Charles Onana sur le cas Mushayidi


SaveRwanda.org : sauver le Rwanda avec la justice et la vérité

La présidente des Forces démocratiques unifiées interdite de sortie du territoire rwandais | www.rfi


Victoire Ingabire, candidate à l’élection présidentielle au Rwanda, prévue au mois d’août 2010, rentrée au pays en début d’année, a été brièvement interpellée au soir du 23 mars à l'aéroport de Kigali. ...

SOUS-REGION: Kidnaping de Déo Mushayidi, complicité ou impuissance des services burundais?


Les Burundais ne lisent pas, entend-on souvent. Sans refaire l’histoire de la presse écrite, rappelons qu’à la veille de l’indépendance et dans les années qui l’ont suivie, les Burundais, qui n’étaient pas nécessairement plus riches qu’aujourd’hui, lisaient énormément. ...

Fewer bombs, better beaches, and why I never should have left Burundi. « This Is Africa


The latest breaking news in the Twittosphere suggests as many as 3-4 grenade blasts around Kigali’s Amahoro Stadium, reports of automatic gunfire, and rumors of a coordinated blast in Gisenyi. This is all unconfirmed, and there’s virtually nothing solid to go on at this point. ...

The African Executive | Kagame Must Reconcile with Rwandans


Kagame must do what the Rwandese want.

The politics of genocide in Rwanda - The Globe and Mail


With an election looming in a few months, Rwanda’s authoritarian government has made an astounding claim: democracy leads directly to genocide

Progress and repression in Rwanda: Divisionists beware | The Economist


President Paul Kagame has improved peopleâs lives at the expense of freedom

Rwanda : complices de l'ennemi (ibyitso) ou opposants à éliminer ?


Au Rwanda les régimes passent, les guerres finissent mais la chasse aux complices de lennemi ( ibyitso en kinyarwanda) persiste. Depuis l'indépendance du pays, les régimes successifs ont évoqué et tenu ...

Museveni and Kagame attack independent press (Includes interview)


Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni and Rwandan President Paul Kagame are attacking independent press amidst increasing strife and deadly violence, which many charge the Museveni and Kagame governments are themselves responsible for.

POLITICS-RWANDA: Woman Vies for Top Job - IPS ipsnews.net


On average women constitute 18.8 percent of representatives in parliaments across the world according to the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU). This gender imbalance has been subject to much feminist criticism and many campaigns for change have been staged to address the status quo. ...

Former Rwanda official warns of violence - CNN.com


A former speaker of the Rwandan parliament warned that his country could again descend into chaos and violence, 15 years after the genocide that killed as many as 1 million people.

The Uganda Record: Death of Maj. Gen. Fred Rwigyema


The entrance to Hotel Des Mille Collines in the Rwandan capital Kigali, the "Hotel Rwanda" featured in the film of the same name about the events of the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

Just what Haiti doesn’t need: Rwandan police | San Francisco Bay View


In case anyone needed further evidence that President Paul Kagame’s Rwanda is the Pentagon’s proxy, 140 Rwandan police are about to undertake special training before heading to Haiti, as reported in the ...


2009 Human Rights Report: Rwanda


2009 Human Rights Report: Rwanda

Grenades, gunshots, and Feingold's call for rights in Rwanda (Includes interview)


On March 5th, three days after Senator Russ Feingold, Chair of the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Africa, called for the opening of political space in Rwanda, grenades exploded again in Kigali, with 16 people hurt, some critically.

Strange times in Kigali. « This Is Africa


I returned to Kigali this week with the hopes of enjoying some downtime before heading to eastern Congo. Sadly, this was not to be the case. As I recently reported, things in everyone’s favorite central ...


Rwanda. Les démêlés de la candidate Ingabire | le carnet de Colette Braeckman


Mme Victoire Ingabire, présidente des FDU-Inkingi et qui se présente comme candidate aux élections présidentielles d’août prochain au Rwanda a été une


Intimidation of Rwandan opposition parties must end | Amnesty International


Amnesty International has urged the country's president, Paul Kagame, to show commitment to freedom of expression following an attack on on two members of United Democratic Forces.


US senator calls for solution to DR.Congo problem - Yahoo! News


An influential US senator said the international community should be instrumental in solving the problem of Rwandan Hutu rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).


Coming to a New Understanding of the 1994 Rwanda Genocide | Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy


Allan Stam, U-M Professor of Political Science and Faculty Associate at the Center for Political Studies, will discuss the genocide, civil war, vendetta killings and random violence that took place in ...


Sky News - Paul Kagame And Human Rights Watch In Depth


Paul Kagame And Human Rights Watch

Le thème du "double génocide" resurgit au Rwanda - LeMonde.fr


Le Monde.fr - Rentrée au pays, l'opposante Victoire Ingabire rappelle les meurtres de Hutu par des Tutsi.


Le Rwanda accusé de harceler des opposants | www.rfi.fr


A l'approche de l'élection présidentielle au Rwanda, l’organisation Human Rights Watch dénonce les menaces et le harcèlement contre des opposants politiques. L'ONG cite entre autres le parti des Forces démocratiques unifiées (FDU), dont un membre a été arrêté ce week-end à Kigali. ...

Rwanda: Pressure for FDLR-Government Talks Mounting - RWANDA RW'ABANYARWANDA


Rwanda: Pressure for FDLR-Government Talks MountingBy RNAReporterJuly 15, 2009Washington: The International Crisis Group threw in the proposal last week, now a senior United States Senator has written… Hosted by OverBlog

AFP: Rights watchdog slams attacks on Rwanda opposition


KIGALI — Human Rights Watch (HRW) on Wednesday condemned the harassment of political opposition figures in Rwanda, which holds presidential elections in August.

Rwandan Government Attempts to Silence Opposition


Rwanda opposition party leader Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza, was interrogated by the Rwandan regime for several hours.

Rwanda : Les attaques contre les partis de l’opposition doivent cesser | Human Rights Watch


Rwanda: End Attacks on Opposition Parties | Human Rights Watch


(Kigali) - Opposition party members are facing increasing threats, attacks, and harassment in advance of Rwanda's August 2010 presidential election, Human Rights Watch said today. Human Rights Watch urged the government to investigate all such incidents

Rwanda : une opposante se dit menacée


Flash actu : Rwanda : une opposante se dit menacée


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