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How Kizito Mihigo planned to gain power through terror 


Kizito gives his confession to the media at Police headquarters in Kacyiru yesterday. Top right, Niyibizi is led by Police officers for handing over to prosecution authority, while bottom right, Ntamuhanga confesses his part in the plot. Timothy Kisambira.

In a statement released on Monday, the Police announced it had arrested artiste Kizito Mihigo and two accomplices, Cassien Ntamuhanga and Jean Paul Dukuzumuremyi, following a thorough investigation in a plot to conduct terrorism acts in key buildings within the City of Kigali and assassinate Rwandan leaders.

A fourth suspect, Agnes Niyibizi, was also arrested a day later. She was a cash courier, ferrying funds to facilitate the terror operations.

Ntamuhanga worked for a Christian radio station while Dukuzumuremyi is a former soldier. Initially reported missing by his family, Ntamuhanga was arrested while attempting to flee the country.

Initially, there were suspicions that Kizito was being framed, with many shocked at his alleged involvement in acts of terror.

But with more evidence of Kizito’s actions coming to light, the facts to date speak for themselves.

What the evidence shows

During his handover from the Rwanda National Police to National Prosecution, yesterday, Kizito admitted to charges of working with the FDLR, a terrorist group based in DR Congo, and Rwanda National Congress (RNC), a South Africa-based organisation founded by Rwandan fugitives.

Both FDLR and RNC have been linked to grenade attacks in the country. 

When he joined, Kizito was assigned the task of mobilising and recruiting fellow youth into the terrorist organisations.

According to a reliable source involved with the case, part of the terror plot involved assassinating at least four senior officials in government, parliament and security agencies.

The other plan was to blow up the city’s tallest building – Kigali City Tower (KCT). The planned attacks were being coordinated by one of Kizito’s co-accused, Dukuzumuremyi.

Upon his arrest, Dukuzumuremyi was found in possession of six hand grenades which, according to Police, were to be used in the attacks.

His reward for the attack on KCT was Rwf3 million of which he is said to have received an advance payment of 10 per cent that was delivered by Niyibizi, the cash courier. 

The source also revealed a plan to overthrow the Rwandan government using the FDLR militia, principally made up of the perpetrators of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda in which over a million people were slaughtered.

Kizito, as the lead youth mobiliser, was to fly to one European country, from where he would record a declaration supporting the violent overthrow of government. 

The ‘declaration process’ was being coordinated by senior RNC member Callixte Nsabimana, alias Sankara.

It is alleged that Kizito was identified to be the face of the ‘declaration’ because of his popularity as an artiste.

Kizito told reporters that his motivation for being part of the operations was that he believed he would be given a leadership position with a change of government.

The suspects are scheduled to appear in court next week when prosecution is expected to present its evidence that includes electronic communication containing the details of the said operations.


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