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Publié par La Tribune Franco-Rwandaise

Manifesto against ethnic apartheid that threatens social cohesion and endangers peace and national unity in Rwanda, like never since the genocide of 1994.

A contribution to reconciliation and national unity, by promoting a common memory for all components of the Rwandan People.


In recent decades, Rwanda's history has been marked by interethnic divisions, wars and massacres such as genocides, crimes against humanity and war crimes committed by public actors, private actors, political and military authorities, as well as government or non-government criminal organizations using stated or hidden ethnic bases. This violence has caused the death of hundreds of thousands of Rwandan citizens.

The massacres culminated in the 1990-1994 war in which the warring parties pushed their followers to massacre their compatriots, breaking the centuries-old pact of our ancestors.

On the 6th of April 1994, the assassination of President Juvenal Habyarimana on the eve of the establishment of a new «transition government» formed via the Arusha Peace Accords (signed on the 4th of August 1993) provoked an unprecedented institutional power vacuum in Rwanda. As we know today and as the French and Spanish judicial investigations have shown, this assassination was planned and ordered by Paul Kagame, the current president of Rwanda. All United Nations reports suppressed to avoid a major crisis with the current regime in Kigali have reached the same conclusion: the Hutu presidents of Rwanda and Burundi Juvenal Habyarimana and Cyprien Ntaryamira, their delegations and the three French crew members of the Rwandan presidential plane were assassinated on the orders of General Paul Kagame.

In addition, some books, published by individuals who took part in the so-called Liberation War of Rwanda or trusted researchers, have clearly shown that the aircraft of President Habyarimana was shot down by the RPF. In US Made, a former Rwandan journalist and RPF intelligence officer, under the pseudonym of J.E. Murphy[1], named four soldiers who loaded the missiles in a lorry at Mulindi, the headquarters of the RPF.[2] « Sergeant Moses Nsenga, Sergeant Tumushukuru, Corporal Stanley Rwamapasi and Corporal Seromba. »  He also named two soldiers who fired the missiles. In Praise of Blood, Judi Rever, a former Canadian journalist, named a Sergeant who fired a missile that hit the aircraft. In Le Secret d’un Genocide, the ex-Lieutenant in the RPF, Abdul Ruzibiza, named the driver of a pickup that drove the missiles to the site.  In Healing a Nation, Theogene Rudasingwa, who held senior portfolios- ex-Major of RPF, former ambassador  in the US and ex-Secretary General of the RPF, confesses of selling to world the wrong narrative that Hutu extremists shot down the aircraft which triggered the genocide.[3]« Like many others in the RPF leadership, I enthusiastically sold this deceptive story line, especially to foreigners who by and large came to believe it, even when I knew that Kagame was the culprit in this crime.»

In the days and months that followed this criminal attack, thousands of Tutsi and Hutu opposition members were murdered by the thousands on suspicion of supporting the RPF responsible for the assassination of the president. A few months later, the international community was confronted with the evidence. In the territory controlled by the government, there was genocide against the Tutsi and major massacres of Hutus belonging to the opposition.

At the same time in the RPF-controlled areas, Paul Kagame's troops were engaged in genocidal killings of ethnic Hutus. The RPF rebel movement convened trap meetings purported to raise awareness and distribute aid. The Hutu peasants, starving from four years of war, came naively believing in the purpose of the meetings, and once gathered in a stadiums or valleys as happened during the infamous massacre of Rwasave marsh in Butare, the RPF soldiers positioned around the place prior to the said "meetings" shot into the crowds. The bodies of the victims were disappeared by burning or burried in mass graves prepared in advance. This methodical, systematic and horrifying scenario was observed in several different places where mass crimes were committed against the Hutu populations by the Rwandan Patriotic Front. This criminal method designed to lure the victim into a trap by taking advantage of his naivety clearly and irrefutably demonstrates the criminal intent of these massacres, which are far from mere acts of revenge as widely claimed to clear Paul Kagame of these crimes but are indeed organized crimes falling under the Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

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[1] Jean Pierre Mugabe, journalist and former RPF intelligence officer.

[2] Murphy, J.E.(2015). U.S.MADE. Meadville : christian faith Publishers, p.50.

[3] Rudasingwa, TH.HEALING A NATION.North Charleston: Create Space Independent Publishing Pltaform,p.415

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Step per step, the truth appears, but for beeing accepted by the world, it will need a real mental revolution and a humble acceptance of humility for those who refused to accept the real truth for various reasons, from prostitution to profit.