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Tribute to Charles Ingabire, an honorable man

La Tribune Franco-Rwandaise #Rwanda, #Politique, #Justice, #Droits de l'homme

It has been seven years  today since the brutish assassination of my friend and colleague Charles Ingabire by the barbaric  government of Rwanda  ruled by the  abominable Paul Kagame .

Charles Ingabire was an exemplary  journalist  and a model of integrity to many  of us fighting for a free Rwanda.

We often forget that prior to his assassination , he was repeatedly targeted for assaults , he was just recovering from one ( he had been  severely beaten ) in which he had sustained severe injuries .

He had been living  in  severe distress and fear for his life  but still he would not relent on his determination to  continue informing  our people. It was something he took to heart. It was personal to him. It was not a job, it was a duty.

On numerous occasions , when we were faced with the cruelty of  Kagame’s despotic regime  and its diabolical agenda , we would get  discouraged but he always refused to give up. To him  abandoning  the fight for the right to  inform and being informed was never an option. Never.

Many years after Charles Ingabire’s assassination , the now famous whistle blower Edward Snowden  said  that ” when exposing a crime is treated like committing a crime  you are being ruled by a criminal ” .

Today , Inyenyeri News Group remembers Charles Ingabire , a hero in his own right.

Noble Marara


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