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Why Burundi? I have never heard the US government cutting off aid for Rwanda or Uganda for ” unfair and not free ” elections

La Tribune Franco-Rwandaise #Burundi

The East Africa Community Heads of State Summit has validated Burundi’s recent local and Parliamentary elections. It appears General Museveni, himself, is the new mediator in Burundi’s crisis. I can only wish him the best of luck.

The EAC had election observers in Burundi. The EAC Heads of State conclusion is rooted in the EAC election observers’ reports. However, Kagame’s lobbyists are working around the clock, in Washington and other Western capitals, to make sure that he US and other western countries cuts off aid to Burundi because, as Kagame’s lobbyists claim, Burundi’s elections were not free and fair. I do not remember Kagame, the lobbyists’ client, conducting free and fair elections. Needless to say, I have never heard the US government cutting off aid for Rwanda or Uganda for ” unfair and not free ” elections.

The US government has indicated that they are cutting off aid to Burundi because about 77 people have so far died in what the US government calls election violence. Guess what, the UN mapping report accused Kagame and his proxy militia in DRC of exterminating 6 million people. The US did not cut aid to Rwanda for 6 million people killed; we are cutting aid to Burundi because of 77 people who have been killed; a significant number of which was killed by rioters!!! That’s how ridiculous lobbyists make the US government!!!

The Burundian army General, who attempted to overthrow Burundi’s government, is holed in one East Africa. This General has stated it categorically that he’s responsible for butchering civilians in Burundi as a way to overthrow the government. What’s the US and some western countries reaction to this? Should any reasonable country cut aid to the government because of the ” rebel” forces’ crimes? Shouldn’t the US be helping the Burundian government to hunt for this brutal ” rebel” whose war strategy is to butcher helpless civilians? Isn’t Burundian government allowed to use force in fighting the rebels? Should the Burundian government look on as the ” rebels” massacre Burundians? What about the country or countries that have given sanctuary to these Burundian rebels?

Kagame’s lobbyists need one thing for their client; a failed state of Burundi. Why? Kagame wants to ruin Burundi so that he installs a proxy ” government” and in Burundi who will facilitate Kagame to destabilize DRC through Burundi.

Kagame wants to open another front to exploit DRC. In Kagame’s naive thinking, since Kigali is under the international community’s watchful eye over destabilizing DRC and stealing DRC natural resources, having Burundi under his control will give Kagame control over a major exit route for DRC natural resources. This will restore Kagame to his old status; the middleman in DRC illegal trade.

Kagame is determined to cause insecurity in Tanzania because Tanzania smoked Kagame’s M23 out of Congo. Kagame needs Burundi for a vehicle to destabilize Tanzania.

Finally, who will control Burundi’s newly discovered precious minerals is an important factor to consider as the world analyses Burundi’s crisis. The fact that Russian based companies, not western companies, have taken over the mines in Burundi is crucial to contextualize US government and some Western allies’ resolve to squeeze Burundian government, regardless the popular support president Nkurunziza’s government enjoys. Is it possible to get rid of Burundi government and its supporters without creating a failed State in Burundi?

Ruining Burundi would mean that Kagame becomes the only contractor for, and supplier of essential goods to, Burundi. That’s Kagame business empire ideal.

Will Kagame and his lobbyists ruin Burundi using the US, UK and UN? Well, China and Russia have already warned Washington and other western countries and lobbyists that UN sanctions will not be one of the tools to ruin Burundi.


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