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How Gen. Karenzi Karake and Gen. Charles Kayonga murdered Hutu refugees in 1997

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I am a cousin to one of those Hutu refugees who were forcibly returned to Rwanda by UNHCR Gabon, which was represented by Ms. Louise in concordance with the RPF government, which was represented by Gen. Charles Kayonga. Once they were returned to Rwanda most of refugees were brutally executed others were put under house arrest where they were subjected to daily physical and emotional torture. Before I start widely exploring to what befell this innocent Hutu refugees in Gabon, I want to add that this people had fled on foot from various refugees camps which had formerly been established in Eastern DRC such as Kibumba, Kahindo, Gatare, Mugunga, Kiwanja, Panzi, ENRA, Nyangezi I, II, III, and IV, Kavumu, Gako, and other refugee camps that were found in Eastern DR Congo the former Zaire. I want to give you a brief chronology of what happened to the day that innocent Rwandan refugees were forcibly deported from Franceville in Gabon to Kigali Rwanda. How did really UNHCR and the world's powerful countries decide to leave the Rwandan Hutu refugees for the RPF and its allies' onslaught?

Rwandan Hutu Refugees in Goma, October 1996
The RPF, Uganda, and Burundi together with Kabila's rebels’ invaded Hutu refugee camps in Eastern DRC killing any living creature the rest were forced to go back to Rwanda. In the process young Hutu refugees were singled out and were either butchered or sent back to DRC to fight their relatives who were fleeing into interior DRC. In Sake the RPF, Burundian, and

RPF soldiers hunting HUTU refugees in DRC
Ugandan soldiers supported by the American helicopter and armored vehicle came and attacked millions of Hutu refugees who had gathered in the Sake shopping center. They started shooting and shelling at refugees from the ridges of Sake hills. Thousands of refugees lost their lives and others sustained life threatening injuries. This indiscriminate bombing at refugees continued for three good days until one early morning young people had to come together to save our lives. The EX-FARS, Contingents, and Congolese Hutu combatants pushed through the hills of Sake and created a humanitarian corridor that saved millions of Hutu Rwandan, Burundian, and Congolese refugees. Many refugees swam over the hills of Masisi. Of course RPF soldiers were at our heels slaughtering the weak ones that lagged behind either because they were sick, tired, children, mothers with babies on their back, elderly people, or pregnant women were the first to fall on Kagame's brutal sword. Despite all this mass onslaught the American government made sure its media do not broadcast the mass murder that was taking place against Rwandan refugees. In addition, the UNHCR which claimed to protect refugees was the first to brand innocent Hutu refugees as genocidaires who are fleeing justice. That is how we all were left helplessly to be butchered as chicken under the butchers' knife at abattoir.

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