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Biden signs executive order on Americans held hostage or wrongfully detained abroad

La Tribune Franco-Rwandaise #Diplomatie, #RWANDA TERRORISME, #USA AFRIQUE
President Joe Biden signed an executive order on Tuesday that codifies a 2020 law dealing with Americans held hostage or wrongfully detained abroad. Drawing on the 2020 Robert Levinson Hostage ... Executive Order on Bolstering Efforts to Bring Hostages...

Robert Krueger, Ex-Texas Congressman and Diplomat, Dies at 86

La Tribune Franco-Rwandaise #Burundi, #Burundi Rwanda, #Diplomatie, #USA AFRIQUE
Robert C. Krueger, who followed two U.S. House terms with a brief interim appointment to the Senate before launching a sometimes-hazardous diplomatic career, has died at age 86. Lux Funeral Home of It was late afternoon on Wednesday, October 20, 1993,...

Cameroun : un enfant tué par le convoi de Samantha Power, ambassadeur US à l'ONU

La Tribune Franco-Rwandaise #USA AFRIQUE
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