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Publié par Le blog de Jean-Marie Ndagijimana

March 20, 2013

The reported dramatic surrender in the morning of Monday March 18, 2013 at the US Embassy in Kigali of ICC wanted General Bosco Ntaganda was greeted with a general “sense of relief” worldwide. For us, however, there is a sense of heightened and perplexed apprehension as to what’s coming next in this unending saga  involving Rwandan warlords and their linchpins in the criminal devastation of eastern

Democratic Republic of Congo. Indeed, it’s hard to decide whether to celebrate or cry, because as welcome as it is, the surrender does not remove the fact that General Bosco Ntaganda “The Terminator” and his Rwandan sponsors have killed so many millions of innocent people in Rwanda and DRC and have yet to be prosecuted. In view of this sudden development, the PDR-Ihumure would like to bring the following observations to the attention of the international community:

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