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  erlinderCE MATIN 8/6/10

Peter Robinson, Attorney for Joseph Nzirorera is facing contempt of court proceedings for refusing to proceed while Peter Erlinder is in Prison

Attorneys appeared this morning before the Trial Chamber III presided by President Dennis Byron

Peter Robinson explained that his Motion to Withdraw had been filed before the Registrar, that he intended to respect that procedure. Peter Robinson asked the Chamber to respect that procedure as well.

Judge Byron called the witness and directed that Peter question him. Peter asked him one question, "Are you willing to come back and give your testimony after these problems are resolved?"  He said yes.  Peter said that he had no further questions.

Judge Byron then issued a warning to Peter Robinson under Rule 46(A) and ordered that he be reported to his Bar Association for obstucting the proceedings.  He adjourned the proceedings until 2 pm at which time he told Peter Robinson that he expected him to question the witness or he will impose sanctions.

Further news will be available later.



Today Peter Robinson was charged with contempt of court for refusing to proceed with interrogating a witness. He must return on 21 June to answer the charges. He is liable to a 10,000$ fine or five years in prison or both.

He had requested to withdraw from the case since he was could not proceed while Peter Erlinder was in prison.
Attached are the transcripts of 7 and 8 June

Transcript 1

Transcript 2

Transcript 3


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