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Publié par La Tribune Franco-Rwandaise

The Hidden Hand of the 1% in Central Africa

How the model of covert financial tyranny used on us here in the West is applied overtly in Central Africa, shockingly including the 1994 mass genocide in Rwanda. If you thought the 1% are wreaking havoc here... wait till you see what they're doing to our African bothers and sisters. Think Wall St, the Wild West & Goodfellas put together - under a thin facade of "corporate legitimacy".. The cries for help continue. Time to take a stand... make this viral... and join the movement that's ending the root cause which consists of western oligarchs who reside right here at home... who control our "too big to fail" banks, oppress us with fraudulent debt, crushing interest rigging (LIBOR), control of both major political parties, and the African oil supply, while they suppress superior clean energy technologies.

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