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JMV Ndagijimana #Opinion-Témoignages
Its powerful ally: the widespread ignorance worldwide about the events

in Sub-Saharan Africa 

Is there any mafia worldwide capable of organizing/building up a powerful regional army of almost 150,000 men (counting armed forces and unofficial militias) in a country as small as the Spanish province of Catalonia? An army with more troops than many of the world’s most important countries, and able to use its troops as a true army of henchmen out to reach its most ambitious goals? Or of making use of the U.N. for its own games of diplomacy, turning lofty peace missions of up to 20,000 blue berets into its own private watchdogs? Or of infiltrating administrations such as the American one in order to carry out top-level political and economic international projects, which are in fact portrayed as large peace-keeping operations? Capable of covering up a death toll of more than 8 million victims while, on the other hand succeeding, for all practical purposes, in having the leading mass media outlets provide only marginal coverage of this atrocity? Or of seeing to it that the INTERPOL neglects its job by not executing the dozens of arrest warrants issued for the most serious mass crimes of the last 50 years? Or of keeping a powerful European country like Spain from daring to go after the people who murdered nine of its own citizens, heroic men and women who led exemplary lives? There is only one mafia or mafia network which is capable of doing all of this: the one which two decades ago set out on its goal to control the huge resources of Central Africa, using the small, but military strong country of Rwanda to achieve this purpose - and to a certain extent, Uganda, as well. This mafia network has a powerful ally: the widespread ignorance worldwide about what is going on in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Fundación S´Olivar publicly denounces that the U.N. has initiated an investigation about the foundation for having allegedly financed the FDLR guerrilla, as claimed by a U.N. panel of experts established to investigate funding of this guerrilla that operates in eastern Congo. The U.N. initiated this investigation based on the testimony of witnesses who are part of a known group of professional informers working for the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF). The mere fact of resorting to false witnesses from the start suggests that the ruling has already been decided beforehand - as is common practice by the RPF. We are dealing here with clear offenses of libel and coercion against the main plaintiff of a lawsuit that implicates the U.N. itself. These events remind of other cases where precisely the parties which had denounced the complicity of the U.N. are now being subject to harassment themselves. This happened, for example, to Florence Hartmann, former spokeswoman for Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunals for Yugoslavia and Rwanda, after publishing her book subtitled “The Secret Wars of Politics and International Justice.” 

The campaign of intimidation and harassment against Fundación S´Olivar is part of its most recent offensive 

In addition to the smear campaign launched against our Foundation a number of more serious incidents are taking place at present: 1) A new Rwandan offensive seems to have been mounted in eastern Congo. This time it’s not a visible military invasion, but an undercover, though just as effective mass infiltration responsible for the killing of selective indigenous leaders, among many other acts. 2) A few days ago in an interview published by Paris Match, Belgian Foreign Minister Yves Leterme publicly stated his shock at receiving a shameless request from a high-level African official: the latter asked him for help in arresting and even murdering the dissidents from his country now living in Belgium. 3) The wife of the secretary-general of the FDU-Inkingi coalition led by Victoire Umuhoza who is running for president of Rwanda in the August 2010 elections, has just been victim of a brutal attack. Apart from suffering serious injuries, she was poisoned (a common practice by the Tutsi aristocracy and one they have excelled in for centuries). Her condition is serious and she is suffering from amnesia, unable to even recognize her family members. Belgian police is washing its hands of the matter. The written threats the secretary general has been receiving for months state he will not be able to count on the Belgian police to protect his family.4) This has been the most recent in a chain of other equally serious attacks: the one suffered by Cristophe Hakizabera, a witness in the lawsuit; the poisoning of another African colleague whose name we keep anonymous. The latter, who is recovering from his serious condition after being treated with an antidote, is currently also under investigation by a Congolese representative of the U.N. panel of 5 experts. In a recent conversation, the representative threatened him, claiming, among other things, he had evidence proving that “he [the African colleague] had diverted the Euro 50,000 which Juan Carrero had sent to him and used them to purchase weapons for the FDLR.” After listening to him patiently, our colleague answered him calmly: “You have a small problem, though: the Euro 50,000 project aimed at financing a shelter for young girls victims of rape and prostitution was finally not authorized by the Govern Balear – [the Government of the Balearic Islands]. I cannot understand, thus, how Euro 50,000 could have been diverted if they were never awarded to begin with.” The degree of shamelessness and sloppiness with which this representative acted would take long to explain.

A third front is the diplomatic front. The recent trip of Spain’s Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Ángel Lossada to Kigali must be regarded as a move within this diplomatic framework. Other moves on this front have been Lossada’s obéisance to this African government where 40 members of its RPF forces are wanted by the Audiencia Nacional (wanted for the death of 9 Spanish nationals, among other reasons); and the invitation he has extended to Rwandan Justice Minister to soon visit Spain where the latter “will clearly demonstrate that the indictments ordered by judge Mirelles are politically motivated”, etc., according to the Rwandan Minister for Foreign Affairs. We know that this conflict is putting our government under as much pressure and blackmail as in the Alakrana case, although with a much lower profile in the media as has always occurred with any matter related to this big conflict. We know that thanks to the concessions made by Mr. Lossada, the Rwandan government has uplifted the serious and unfair sentence issued to the Spanish honorary consul in Kigali, Luis Dueñas, whose health in prison was alarming. We are glad for him and his family. We will never act in an abject way, like those who are taking advantage of the Alakrana hostage case to attack the socialist Government. But it is our moral obligation to remind the Government of the millions of abused Rwandan and Congolese people and of the great hopes they have put in this lawsuit.

This entire criminal offensive mounted by the government of Rwanda constitutes that administration’s way of responding to the challenges and questioning it is facing today. In addition to providing a large regional army, the top level RPF leaders act like the subcontractors in the pillage of Congo’s wealth of natural resources. The U.N. is once again serving as instrument, as it did decades ago when Patrice Lumumba was murdered. Fundación S Olivar is being harassed for playing an active role in the major issues challenging the Rwandan government: 1) The international arrest warrants of 40 alleged major criminals belonging to the top echelons of their government are the outcome of a criminal lawsuit filed by the Forum, which was in turn initiated by the Foundation. 2) The Intra-Rwandan Dialogue, organized by the network of organizations also headed by our Foundation. A growing number of Tutsis who repudiate the extremist Tutsi government in Kigali are taking part in the Dialogue. 3) Victoire Umuhoza’s candidacy in the August 2010 presidential elections. The Foundation is one of the few organizations which dare provide support – moral support rather than any other – to a democratic alternative to the totalitarian and criminal government of the Rwanda Patriotic Front. (RPF).

In light of the above, Fundación S´Olivar makes a deep-felt appeal to all individuals, organizations, institutions and media which may still rebel against the terrible plight suffered by the peoples of Rwanda and Congo to come forward and denounce these major criminals, their partners in crime and all those who have been covering up their wrongdoing.

Juan Carrero Saralegui.

President, Fundación S´Olivar and of the International Forum for Truth and Justice in the African Great Lakes Region.


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