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An Audience with the Vice-President of Burundi, Gaston Sindimwo

La Tribune Franco-Rwandaise #Burundi



On September 1st, senior members of our Burundi Team had an audience with the First Vice-President of the Republic of Burundi, Gaston Sindimwo.

The delegation was composed of our Country Director Floride Ahitungiye and Project Coordinator Révérien Bigirmana. The First Vice-President wanted to congratulate us for our activities to bring together youth across different groups even amidst the recent political crisis, and to recognize the impact of our peacebuilding efforts in Burundi, especially through Studio Ijambo and other media initiatives. He solicited input from us on how to restore peace in Bujumbura, and promised to support our future activities devoted to this purpose.

Floride led a short presentation on our mission and achievements, focusing especially on our engagement before, during, and after this year’s elections. At the end, Search was asked to contribute in the reduction of rumors and hate speech on social media.

This official recognition reinforces our commitment to work hard to transform conflict in Burundi and build a future of peace for its people.

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