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La Tribune franco-rwandaise
Actualités, opinions, études, analyses, diplomatie et géopolitique de la Région des Grands lacs.

Exclusive: Burundi rebels say trained by Rwandan military - U.N. experts

La Tribune Franco-Rwandaise #Burundi Rwanda
By Michelle Nichols and Louis Charbonneau UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - A confidential report to the United Nations Security Council accuses Rwanda of recruiting and training Burundian refugees with the goal of ousting Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza....

A rational inquiry into the ”Tutsi Genocide” and its declining currency as an export

La Tribune Franco-Rwandaise #Rwanda
By Didas Gasana February 3, 2016 Something of fundamental importance happened last week in the Ethiopian capital Addis Abbeba. At the AU summit of heads of states, the AU peace and security commission’s proposal to send AU peace keepers to Burundi was...

President Obama spoke on religious freedom at the Islamic Society of Baltimore

La Tribune Franco-Rwandaise #USA, #CULTURE
The White House Today, President Obama spoke at the Islamic Society of Baltimore -- his first visit to a mosque in America -- on protecting our nation's tradition of religious freedom. Watch the full remarks now: Here are some highlights: "If we’re serious...

France : les réseaux pro-Kagame inconsolables après la démission de Christiane Taubira

La Tribune Franco-Rwandaise #France-Rwanda

Rwanda : imipanga yadutse ku murenge wa Ndera

La Tribune Franco-Rwandaise
Bamwe umunsi mukuru w'Intwari bawusoreje mu bitaro.Mu gicuku cy'uyu wa mbere tariki ya 1 z'ukwa 2,mu Murenge wa Ndera ntibasinziriye.Ngo abantu bitwaje intwaro za gakondo n'amatoroshi adasanzwe bah... Nagirango mbwire Inyenzi guhagarika gutera abaturage...

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