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Publié par La Tribune Franco-Rwandaise

Dr Denis Mukwege, Nobel Prize

Dr Denis Mukwege, Nobel Prize

By Kambale Musavuli

I was alerted that Rwandan General James Kabarebe talked about Congolese doctor and Nobel Peace Prize winner Denis Mukwege on TV in Kigali, Rwanda.

Since I don’t understand kinyarwanda, I shared the video with some of my Rwandan allies and here is the summary of what James Kabarebe is saying:

“There are some organizations that lost (the war) that use a Congolese Mushi doctor named Dr. Mukwege and a bunch of organizations who had interest in keeping refugees in the Congo who run propaganda talking about 6 million Congolese killed but they have no evidence. You can’t kill 6 million people and not even be able to show a body. There is a report called Mapping report that they use as a base for that propaganda.”

James Kabarebe has denied that 6 million Congolese have died in the Congo though the IRC study presents the numbers of 5.4 million dead from 1998 to 2007 at a rate of 45,000 dying every month.

James Kabarebe has denied the genocide because he is one of the Rwandan soldiers who massacred civilians in Rwanda and Congo. The Gersony report looked into the massacre of Hutus in Rwanda in 1994 and this was blocked by Kofi Anan and the Americans at the US. The Garreton report showed the killing and disappearance of 200,000 Congolese, Burundian and Rwandan refugees most of whom were Hutu – another report blocked by the US at the U.N. Security Council. Then the Mapping Report documented 617 mass violation of human rights and international humanitarian law with many of the killings committed by Rwandan soldiers which includes Kabarebe at that time. The Mapping report charges genocide to Rwandan troops and stated this needs to be taken up in a competent court. And that court is the International Tribunal for Congo.

A Rwandan General implicated in so many crimes now is talking about Dr. Mukwege. This should alarm every Congolese and allies since Dr. Mukwege has been targeted by Rwanda when he denounced the July 2020 massacre in Kipupu, Sange and towns in the Ituri province. Over 200 people were killed in July alone. It is becoming obvious that they want to take down Dr. Mukwege and this will not happen.

I am beyond outrage that this criminal, who has an arrest warrant from the Spanish Court that tried Pinochet and has committed so many crimes in Rwanda and Congo has the audacity to speak on crimes in Congo.

This guy… seriously… this guy in 1997 was the Congolese army chief of staff. He told us he was Congolese. He then fled back to Rwanda in 1998 and became a minister of defense there once, military advisor, and has been cited in many reports for providing military intelligence and equipment to rebels in the Congo notably the RCD which morphed over the years to CNDP and in 2012 became M23.

Why is Rwanda so afraid of Dr. Mukwege?

Doctor has been leading the call for the creation of the International Tribunal for Congo and has said in any platform he has been given that without justice there can’t be no peace in Congo.

To my brothers and sisters who are in Minembwe: I’m told and I’ve seen you are also participating in the attacks against Mukwege. If you truly care about the Congolese genocide, you should be the first to support the call for the International Tribunal for Congo. Do not let Kagame instrumentalize you just as he did in 1996 when Bizima Karaha and James Kabarebe were both presented to us as Congolese. 24 years later, over 6 million Congolese have lost their lives and our minerals have been looted for the world to have a digital revolution.

Talk to your leaders and ask them why they are not supporting the call for the International Tribunal for Congo per the Mapping Report. Why are they afraid of this? I know Paul Kagame is afraid because if the tribunal is created, then his crimes and those of the likes of James Kabarebe will ne exposed and they will have to face justice.

If you say you’re Congolese and truly believe in justice, then you will do everything in your power to see that the International Tribunal for Congo is created and James Kabarebe, Charles Kayonga, Kayumba Nyamwasa, Jack Nziza, Ruberwa, Mundos, Kabila, Kagame and the list goes on… are all put out of commission for having killed civilians and participated in the looting of Congo.

Congolese and allies, we have been put on notice that Rwanda is afraid of this tribunal and they are willing to go after Mukwege if necessary.

I hope everyone is going to do everything they can to protect Doc!

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