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Paul Kagame: the hidden dictator

Do Not Disturb" said the sign outside Room 905 of Johannesburg's Michelangelo Towers hotel on 1 January 2014. When the police finally broke in they found the garrotted body of Patrick Kare-geya ... Do Not Disturb” said the sign outside Room 905 of Johannesburg’s...

Sommet Royaume-Uni-Afrique: Londres se positionne dans l'optique post-Brexit - RFI

L'Angleterre post-Brexit se voit comme une puissance globale ouverte sur le monde, et ce premier sommet anglo-africain sera l'occasion pour Londres de le démontrer. Interrogé par le Financial Times

UK : Queen says she is 'particularly proud' of Meghan.

The Queen praised how Meghan has so 'quickly' become one of the royal family Couple will be known as Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex Queen revealed how announcement is result of

United Kingdom : Rwanda Travel Advice : Attack in Kamembe Town on 19 October 2019

Rwanda is generally safe and crime levels are relatively low, but street crime does occur. There have been reports of an increase in burglary, theft and mugging in Kigali in recent months. You ... Summary Safety and security – addition of factual information...

Les sanglots longs. Des violons de l'automne.

Chanson d’automne Paul Verlaine Les sanglots longs Des violons De l’automne Blessent mon coeur D’une langueur Monotone. Tout suffocant Et blême, quand Sonne l’heure, Je me souviens Des jours anciens Et je pleure Et je m’en vais Au vent mauvais Qui m’emporte...