America's trouble business relationship with Paul Kagame : the Joe Ritchie case

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*   “I knew right away, the guy is unique.  I said ‘OK, I'LL JOIN THE TEAM’ ”

*     “I knew right away, the guy is unique.  I said ‘OK, I'LL JOIN THE TEAM’ ” said Ritchie

Ritchie junior parade saluant KagameJoe RITCHIE first met Paul KAGAME in 2003, and invested since then in Rwanda as KAGAME’s partner introducing the country to business leaders around the world. RITCHIE has been the founding C.E.O. of the Rwandan Development Board (R.D.B.) (6), and is the Co-Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Board (P.A.C.) (7). He also runs an "entrepreneurial philanthropy" called Friends of Rwanda (8).
Amazingly, the team of pro-Kagame activists who's active on Internet for propaganda and contra-propaganda in favour of KAGAME, is based in an office inside the Rwandan Development Board (R.D.B.). Nevertheless, they can not stop the truth to come out :

-    Pentagon produces satellite photos of 1994 Rwanda genocide
-    Special report : U.S. agents of covert war in Africa exposed

Many of the ties between the U.S. and Rwanda can be traced back to this Chicago-area businessman, like corporate business and propaganda campaign made in Chicago for the "relifting" of KAGAME's image abroad Rwanda (9).

Actually, it seems that most of the ties lead to Little Rock Arkansas and some to Chicago.


During the Cold War, this “US patriot” made business with Soviet Union by creating Management Partners International (M.P.I.) (10).

Joe RITCHIE is also a partner of President of Malawi, Joyce BANDA. Making business without borders, and without soul, according to the law of the jungle… Even with bloodthirsty dictatorships like the regime prevailing in Kigali (11).

Paul KAGAME has built an advisory network of Western stars - including Joe RITCHIE, Bill GATES, Bill CLINTON as well as Tony BLAIR (12).

How can a small, poverty stricken country somewhere in Africa, having no minerals and almost of no strategic value in global politics, attract the attention of such Western stars ?

The answer is simple : the conflict in the Congo is a resource war waged by U.S. and British allies

The Congo wars have direct links to the many long years of war in Sudan and Uganda, and they are intertwined with the current low-intensity warfare and the mass murder in Darfur, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.

Since Rwanda and Uganda invaded the Congo in 1996, they have pursued a plan to appropriate the wealth of Eastern Congo either directly or through proxy forces. The United Nations reports clearly document the systematic looting and appropriation of Congolese resources by Rwanda and Uganda, two of Washington and London’s staunchest allies in Africa.


In 2012, the Rwandan government’s so bad internal human-rights record has forced the donors to start withdrawing aid (13).

End 2012, Susan RICE has ended bid to succeed Hillary CLINTON (14) and Hillary CLINTON herself is now out of American politics because of serious health problems.

Under the pressure of an unprecedent internal opinion (15), Barack OBAMA has warned Paul KAGAME about M23 (16) before Christmas, one month after the Camp Gako ceremony.

On 20121231, the Governor of North Kivu Julien PALUKU KAHONGYA has issued "SOS du gouverneur à l'attention de la communauté internationale" (see attached).

The day after, on 20130101, UN has sanctioned M23 rebels and their alleged Rwandan allies, the FDLR, amid a flare-up of violence in Congo's eastern region (17) : bad signs for Joe RITCHIE's business with Paul KAGAME ?


Joe-Ritchie-et-fils.pngAre Joe RITCHIE and his son Thomas aware of what KAGAME's troops are doing to the children in the Kivus ? Watch the face of this young boy murdered in Kivu.

KAGAME and MUSEVENI must be prosecuted for terrorism, war crimes, crimes angaisnt humanity and genocides (18).

How long will America hold the position ? (19)

Yours sincerely

Stephane Sonck
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IMG-20121104-00658.jpgPresident Kagame at the Dinner with Joe Ritchie and Business

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(10) Ritchie began doing business in Russia during the Cold War with creation of M.P.I., which became the American partner in the second ever Soviet American Joint Venture - JV Dialogue, founding in 1987 and by 1992 the company had become a network of 110 subsidiaries in various fields ranging from JV Dialogue to Dialogue Bank and real estate and architecture, with nearly 5,000 employees. Through its network JV Dialogue represented a number of western technology products. Among other things JV Dialogue was the exclusive distributor for Microsoft products of Bill GATES for two years.

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IMG-20121104-00668.jpg“The only we have to do is to look the other way” - Susan Rice
“Susan Rice described the two men (Yoweri Museveni & Paul Kagame) as the best insurance against genocide in the region. They know how to deal with that,” he reported her as having said. “The only thing we have to do is look the other way.” Ms. Rice has denied supporting the invasion. ”
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Spanish original version
"Au Congo, le génocide est incontestable", affirme l'ONU
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(18)  Analyse d'Arthur Kalombo
---------- Message transféré ----------
De : Arthur Kalombo <>
Date : 1 janvier 2013 21:50
Objet : Re: AFP: ONU - RDC : le Conseil de sécurité prend des sanctions contre le M23

Bill Clinton vient de gagner la partie par le truchement de Susan Rice pour ne pas condamner le Rwanda afin de ne pas perturber son admission au Conseil de Securite comme membre non permanent. La mise en accusation du Rwanda par les experts de l'ONU, une fois admise et la condamnation faite contre ce pays aurait remis en question la validite a sa candidature au poste de membre non permanent du Conseil. Susan Rice, sous la pression de l'opposition americaine au Congres qui menacait de la soumettre a une dure epreuve au cas ou elle aurait ete designee comme Secretaire d'Etat, a propose le partage de la poire en deux.
On ne codamne pas le Rwanda mais on sacrifie les petits poissons de la rebellion M23. Ainsi va la vie politique ou l'on rappelle a l'ordre les jeunes turcs parfois trop entreprenants et aveugles par les mirages de la gloire. Et pourtant, les divers rapports des experts de l'ONU ont pointe du doigt le Rwanda et l'Ouganda comme pourvoyeurs d'assistance au M23 en armes, hommes de troupes et meme en argent avec le concours de Kabila a Kinshasa.
Susan Rice etant le dernier rampart pour Clinton en l'absence de son epouse qui l'a tres bien defendu a partir du Departement d'Etat, celle-ci, mariee a un tutsi rwandais d'apres ce que l'on a lu sur ce net, en plus d'etre de l'ecurie Clinton, a joue ferme pour defendre ses beaux freres et soeurs. Mais pour combien de temps quand on sait que tous les rapports de l'Onu ont demontre le contraire et que la pression contre le Congres se fait de plus en plus forte.
Les memes raisons qui ont concouru a sa radiation de la liste des candidats potentiels a succeder Hillary Clinton ne vont-elles pas jouer contre elle aux Nations-Unies pour lui faire perdre ce poste d'ambassadrice a l'ONU? Si elle devait etre encombrante pour le Departement d'Etat c'est justement a cause de sa politique aux Nations Unies. L'accueil favorable reserve a l'eventuelle nomination de Kerry au Departement d'Etat dans des chancelleries dans le monde prouve le soulagement de ceux qui connaissent bel et bien la partisannerie de susan Rice.
Donc il faut s'attendre a des deballages eventuels de la par de ces rebelles qui, se sentant trahis par leurs commenditaires vont chercher a se defendre comme l'avait dit un jour Bosco Taganda: "Si j'etais envoye a la CPI, Kabila m'y rejoindrait." On pourrait etre tente d'ajouter Kagame et Museveni. Alors s'en suivront des meutres politiques pour faire taire a jamais les tenors du M23 pour enterrer cette histoire qui risque de deboucher sur des secrets enormes qui entraineraient de nombreux gros poissons.
On y est presque.   Kalombo Kabengu

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